Sunday morning music

Yesterday I came across this track over at IOTWReport.  I’d never heard of David Bromberg:  and, after reading a little about him, I’m fascinated to see a New York Jewish musician and his eclectic band playing bluegrass/southern/whatever so well.  I’m definitely going to have to find more of his music, of which YouTube has a fair selection.

I’ve already picked up on these interesting tracks, illustrating the wide variety of styles he performs.

It’s always fun discovering a new group or performer.



  1. Another fine Jewish musician in that genre would be David Grisman. He's an amazing mandolinist. He's played straight bluegrass, notably in the bluegrass super group Old and In the Way, as well as a bluegrass-jazz hybrid he calls "dawg music." This clip is from an episode of Austin City Limits from about 30 years ago. The guitarist here is Mark O'Connor. Better known as a fiddler, his material is well worth listening to as well.

  2. I’ve listened to David Bromberg since the late 1960s, I suppose. Aside from his remarkable artistic talents, Bromberg is mentor to and supporter of unknown numbers of musicians. One of my favorites is his rendition and explanation of “Mr. Bojangles.” A staple of late- and overnight WNEW, it was recorded at the Idle of Wight if I remember correctly.

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