Sunday morning music


On a whim, here’s one of the rarest of Tom Lehrer‘s albums, “Tom Lehrer Discovers Australia”, released in 1960.  For those who know his satirical and comic songs, it’ll be a repeat treat;  for those who have yet to have the pleasure of getting to know him, you’ll love this one.

A vintage comedy classic!



  1. Tom Lehrer will be 94 in a few weeks — an amazing talent and intellect. It would have been memorable to have him as a math teacher.

  2. I'm familiar with his Evening Wasted and That Was the Year That Was albums, but never heard of this one. I'll have to give it a listen.

  3. An acquaintance of mine borrowed my Tom Lehrer discography in order to learn to sing "I hold Your Hand in Mine". He sang it dancing at an event while holding up to his cheek a (presumably fake) severed hand. He was a psychiatrist…

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