Sunday morning music


Finnish composer Jean Sibelius had a remarkable effect on his country and his countrymen during his long life (1865-1957).  His music embodied and inspired the Finns’ search for a national identity, and became a rallying point for their independence as a nation.  Few composers have ever had such a markedly nationalist inspiration and effect as he did.

Here’s the tone poem “Finlandia”, one of his best-known compositions, widely regarded as the unofficial Finnish national anthem.  This choral performance is from the BBC Proms concert series in England, to celebrate 100 years of Finnish independence in 2017.  The words to the music of the final section, known as the Finandia Hymn, were written in 1940 by Veikko Antero Koskenniemi.

Sibelius’ musical output was prodigious;  seven symphonies and many other works.  You’ll find many of them on YouTube.



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