Sunday morning music

I’m not feeling terribly musical this morning.  It’s been a long week, filled with bad news about the coronavirus pandemic and its effects.  We’ll muddle through it, and come out the other side, but it’s going to leave long-lasting disruption and changes in its wake.

I’ll let Harve Presnell sum it up with his famous song from the musical movie “Paint Your Wagon“, long a favorite of mine.  (A quick note:  if the embedded video below won’t play, it’s because of the slowed-down streaming speeds implemented by many service providers, to allow for more home-based Internet traffic during the coronavirus quarantine.  You can watch it on YouTube at this link, where the speed should be better.)

The movie is, of course, memorable for the attempts (largely less than successful, according to the critics) of Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood to sing.  Despite that, I enjoyed it, and still replay it from time to time.



  1. Lee's performance of "I was Born Under a Wander'n Star" hit #1 in the UK, so it couldn't have been all bad..

  2. I first saw this film while a patient at a VA hospital. They had The Professionals, a favorite of mine, listed as the film to shown but this one came up instead and I found myself really enjoying it. Okay, Lee and Clint can't sing. Who cares?

  3. Harve Presnell played the General Saving Private Ryan, reading the letter from Abraham Lincoln. Great part. Good seeing him again.

  4. This and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers are my favorite musicals of all time. I though Clint did a decent job for a non-singer.

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