Sunday Morning Music

Just because I’m in the mood, how about a few of Flanders & Swann‘s animal songs?

Let’s start with the gnu.

Then there’s the wild boar.

The wompom may be animal, vegetable or mineral, but as a fictional whatsit, I think we can include it in this morning’s selection.

And, of course, their most famous animal song – the hippopotamus. I particularly like the Russian translation in the middle.

Ah, that warms the cockles of this formerly African boy’s heart . . .



  1. Well well well. Looks like you're having a nice Sunday, Pastor. Be a shame if anybody RUINED IT!


    I demand a formal written apology not only from yourself, but from all your readers that dared to disagree with me on this. In addition I will expect a reasonable financial compensation as well. Failure to comply will result in legal action

    All I need now is a lawyer with no scruples or self respect. I do hope Hillary Clinton isn't in prison yet…

    Thought ya might be interested… 🙂

  2. Sigh… All I could think of was animal crackers… And Glen, we were looking at that five years ago… And doing 'load' testing…

  3. Ah, Flanders and Swann – the source of our campfire songs!

    As well as an occasional Tom Lehrer tune. What fun!

  4. How many remember what a big deal it was on (monochrome) TV news when they showed the simultaneous translation services at the UN? That's the gag Flanders is running over Swann's Russian lyrics.

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