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Fellow author Rolf Nelson introduced me to German musician (?) Andre Antunes via this video on Gab yesterday.  Musical purists beware!  Yodeling meets heavy metal!

Curious (and somewhat flabbergasted) I went to the musician’s YouTube channel – and was not disappointed.  It contains a lot of videos, some of them esoteric in the extreme.  Here’s a brief selection.

There are many more on his YouTube channel.  Weird, but entertaining listening.



  1. The cat thinks I'm having a seizure flailing my head listening to the montage streaming directly into my hearing aids.

    OMG, Bach sounds good on any instrument.

    Thank you, Peter.

  2. So there's something called Folk Metal which is basically this.

    Korpiklaani has a lot of alcohol-related songs doing a style of folk singing called joiking / yoiking (in between more "traditional" thrash metal vocals). They're usually fun and upbeat, but they do have some downer songs as well.

    Tennger Cavalry and The Hu Band both do a traditional Asian style of folk singing, throat singing (they also mix in traditional Asian instruments into their music).

    Operatic singing is pretty popular in metal; a particularly common arrangement is a "traditional" male metal vocalist doing growling, and a woman doing operatic singing as counterpoint. Haggard mixes a wide variety of singing styles, including operatic, into their music.

    Strictly speaking, as best as anybody can figure, metal growling may itself be a traditional form of singing in some Nordic cultures. (Also, rap, maybe.)

    On the subject of rap, Uratsakidogi does black metal rapping. I'm not 100% they're not members of some kind of supremacy movement, but the music is good.

    Really, if there's a music genre, there's a metal version of it. Reggae metal is a thing, although, granted, I've yet to encounter any reggae metal good enough for me to recommend it to other people beyond the novelty of it. Gospel metal is a thing – granted, Ghost kind of went 80's revival towards the end, and also it's satanic gospel. Metal slave hymnals? Zeal and Ardor has you covered. (Albeit with more Satan, again. There's a theme there.) Sometimes the genre is renamed a bit for popular consumption – samurai metal, instead of (probably) gagaku. Often multiple folk genres are combined into folk metal; Indian folk metal tends to draw widely from different genres of traditional Indian music.

    And sometimes, like with Alien Weaponry, the metal draws from cultural influences without a specific genre to point at.

    It's all pretty neat, and because the lyrics in metal rarely matter, it's common to listen to foreign-language songs.

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