Sunday morning music

Here’s one of my favorites from the 1960’s.  How many of you remember Noel Harrison?  And how many remember this song?

Noel was greatly underrated, IMHO, as a crossover folk/pop singer.  Apart from “Windmills Of Your Mind” (written for the film “The Thomas Crown Affair“;  the song won an Academy Award in 1969), he never achieved great success in the charts.  Nevertheless, he produced some very original work, and never got swept into the commercial grinder where everyone else sounded the same.

Here are three more of his songs.  First, from a performance on the Playboy After Dark TV program, here’s “In My Time”.

Next, from the Andy Williams Show, here’s “In A Dusty Old Room”.

Finally, here he is with the Smothers Brothers in a comedy song that fits our politically divided republic rather well right now.

Noel Harrison died in 2013.  A Web site dedicated to his life and music provides more information for those interested.  There’s also a fan channel and topic channel on YouTube containing more of his music.


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