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Regular readers will know that I’ve been a lifelong fan of the music of Jethro Tull and its leader, Ian Anderson.  He’s far more than just a rock or pop musician.  He’s composed in genres ranging from pop, to disco, to folk, to hard rock, and any number of combinations thereof.  He’s also transcribed many of his compositions for orchestra (and a number of classical orchestral works into rock songs, too!).

I thought you might be interested to see how his orchestral adaptations have worked.  Here’s just one example from ‘The Orchestral Jethro Tull‘, which is one of my favorite Tull/Anderson albums.

First, from the legendary 1971 album ‘Aqualung‘, in the 40th anniversary remastered edition issued in 2011, here’s ‘Mother Goose’.

Now, here’s the orchestral version, featuring a much older band, with lots more musicians.

I find it a whimsical, light-hearted and interesting variation on the original rock version.  You might like to check out the other orchestral renditions on the album (you can listen to samples at the link, and if you subscribe to the Amazon Unlimited music streaming service, the full album’s available there at no additional charge).



  1. He's also a cat person, and over the years I've seen at least two pages about cats he's had on the web.

  2. @SiGraybeard: Yes, he is. His solo album "Rupi's Dance" contains at least two songs about his cats, including the title track.

  3. I like the original Aqualung better, but the orchestral version of Locomotive Breath sounds better to me.

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