Sunday morning music

Let’s have another classical interlude.  How about Vivaldi‘s Concerto for Flute in G Minor, RV 435?  It’s a short work, part of a set of six flute concertos, Opus 10, published in about 1728.  James Galway is the soloist.

Baroque music always relaxes me.  It’s usually less flamboyant than later developments, designed to fill in the background rather than reach out and grab one by the throat and demand attention.  This is a good example.



  1. I suspect Bach and Handel would argue about your use of the word "designed".

    My guess is they would say the design was to praise God and God's nature through beauty and emotion. With the occasional joke thrown in because they're human.

    Vivaldi was a priest, btw.

  2. Back as a teenager and in my twenties and looked "rougher" I'd always be amused when my love of classical music and opera happened to come up. Going to music stores and instead of coming to the counter with death metal I had a dust covered Bach or Beethoven box set. Going to the symphony or opera got a few looks too even though I had on appropriate attire for the evening, had shaved and my hair was slicked and pulled back. Still was 6'8" 350 pounds and looked kinda like an outlaw biker going to trial or a professional wrestler on his way to a funeral. Always told my date to be prepared to get looked at because there was no blending in.

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