Sunday morning music

In 1999, Mike Oldfield produced “Guitars“, his 19th album.  It was distinguished by two factors.  First, guitars were the only instruments used – plus, of course, the electronics associated with them.  Second, he alone played all the instruments.  It’s a solo album.  He is, of course, a vastly talented musician, but even so, that’s quite an achievement.

Here are three tracks from the album.  First, the opening track, “Muse”.

Next, the third track, “Embers”.

And finally the eighth track, “Enigmatism”.

The whole album is worth listening to, but it doesn’t seem to be readily available in the USA.  One can buy used CD’s or vinyl copies on Amazon.  Fortunately, it’s available on YouTube.



  1. Wow! I'm impressed by how listenable the tracks are. Adrian Belew had a noble experiment The Guitar as Orchestra where all the sounds on the album were produced by a guitar or guitar synthesizer. That album had some incredible sounds (phrases), but the songs are avant-garde and take an effort to listen to.

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