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This one’s for the British version of “flower children”.  How many of you remember Lindisfarne?  They’re a British group that started strong (some called them the “1970’s Beatles”), but fell out of the limelight quickly.  Allmusic comments:

Lindisfarne barely command more than a footnote in most rock reference books. During the early ’70s, however, Lindisfarne were one of the hottest folk-based rock bands in England, with chart placements on two of their albums that rivaled Jethro Tull, and had them proclaimed one of the most important groups of the decade. With a sound that mixed plaintive folk-like melodies, earthy but well-sung harmonies, and acoustic and electric textures, the group seemed poised for international success, when a series of unfortunate artistic decisions, followed by a split in their lineup, left them bereft of audience and success.

They were never very popular in America, so many of my readers probably haven’t heard of them.  Nevertheless, they had their moments, and I enjoyed some of their songs very much.

Let’s start with a live recording from 1976 of probably their best-known song, “Meet Me On The Corner”.

Another early hit was “Fog On The Tyne”.

Here’s a live performance of “Winter Song”.

And, to close, “Born At The Right Time”.

Not to everyone’s taste, but an interesting blend of electric blues and folk rock, coming out of the industrial heart of Scotland, that made a mark in the 1970’s in the British charts and spread through many former British colonies.  I enjoyed their music.



  1. Peter, thanks for all of your musical postings. They, along with the associated list that Youtube pops up have led me to discover some fine artists over the years.Groups such as Lindisfarne, Pentangle, or even Fairport Convention received no mention over here.

  2. "1970's Beatles"
    The Beatles were composers and musical innovators, not just singers (and players – with minor variations – of other people's music).
    IMHO, the comment in quotes is highly demeaning – to the Beatles.

  3. Thanks for the rec.

    I suspect that music like this along with blue grass, country and sentimental (Sinatra et all ) would have been default in some other alternate USA that never had rock and roll

  4. Interesting, but not my cup of tea. "Winter Song" had a little bit of a "Yes" feel to it, so it was the one I liked best. "Born At the Right Time" was ok.

    If everyone's musical tastes were the same, it would be very boring. Thank you for expanding our musical horizons.

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