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Here’s a different sort of music video.  Classical guitarist Brandon Acker, whom we’ve met in these pages before, samples four different guitars:  one costing $200, one $2,000, one $20,000 and one a mere (!) $200,000.  It’s an interesting experiment with price versus sound versus “playability” (to coin a phrase).

You may not be able to hear the difference very clearly on cheap computer speakers, but if you plug in a set of headphones, the differing quality of sound between the instruments becomes much more audible.

I’m reminded of the Sabionari guitar by Stradivarius, one of only five surviving guitars by the master luthier (and currently the only one in playable condition).  We listened to it back in December 2020, in a blog post that included an introduction by Brandon Acker.  If you don’t remember that one, or missed it, it’s worth revisiting it.  I’ve no idea what a Stradivari guitar would cost today (not that anybody’s selling one), but I expect you could add at least one more zero to the prices mentioned above . . .


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  1. I played bass guitar rather than regular. The difference in playability between cheap instruments and quality instruments is often like night and day. Friends that play regular guitar have made similar statements. The difference between a Fender Precision bass and a cheap bass is substantial. My friend's Martin guitars had a much better action than the other brands he had.

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