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Sky, which existed in various line-ups from 1979 until 1995, was one of the first so-called “supergroups”, where established musicians from other groups and/or solo success came together to record and perform on an occasional basis.  Sky was a cross-genre group, with influences from classical, rock and jazz music.  Its original lineup included John Williams, Herbie Flowers, Kevin Peek, Tristan Fry and Francis Monkman, all well-known in their own right.

The “core” of Sky’s work is generally considered to be their first four albums.  After that, with members coming and going, the quality of their work is largely agreed to have declined.  I’ve chosen one piece from each of those four albums, to introduce them to readers who may not have heard of them.

From their eponymous debut album, here’s “Danza”, based on a theme by Antonio Ruiz-Pipó.

From Sky 2, here’s “El Cielo”.

From Sky 3, a live performance of “Sarabande”, based on a well-known dance form as interpreted by Handel.

And from “Sky 4: Forthcoming“, here’s “Fantasia”, based on a theme by Renaissance composer Alonso Mudarra.

For their time, Sky provided a novel fusion of genres, performance styles and instruments that inspired many who’ve followed in their footsteps.



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