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Back in 2018, I introduced readers to the German medieval/folk rock/pagan music group Faun.  They’ve been around since the late 1990’s, and have grown into popular performers in their native Germany and in the folk rock and medieval music scene.

They’re about to release a new album, and to prepare the way have been releasing a new music video every month for the past few months.  I thought you might enjoy a few of their new tracks.  For more information about them, visit the videos’ YouTube pages, although there’s often not much detail provided.

First, here’s their take on the legend of Tam Lin.

Next, here’s a piece named for the Germanic-Norse god Baldur.

And finally, a song in Hungarian titled “Ne Aludj El” which, translated, means “Do not fall asleep”.

You’ll find more of their music at their YouTube channel, and at their Web site.



  1. Heilung, Wardruna, Danheim, look for some of the other work by Heilung's female vocalist, Maria Franz. Try Faun with Einar Selvik from Wardruna doing "Odin" live. Wardruna teams up with Aurora for a live version of "Helvegan" that is spectacular. Omnia is another band that is sort of in the same vein as Faun, though I don't like them as well, too much Hippy nature worship.
    For their live shows, Heilung has great choreography and most of the people on stage are locals as the Heilung core group is quite small.
    For Medieval music try Corvus Corax, mostly pipes and drums, Prima Nocta is a similar band.

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