Sunday morning music


As the British comedy movie was titled, “And now for something completely different!”

I happened to be talking online with a friend when it emerged that he’d never heard or seen any of the “music” video clips out there, showing people shooting guns at musical gongs to reproduce the sound of popular songs.  Well, we can’t have that, can we?

First off, here’s Vitaly Kryuchin from Moscow doing his thing.

Next, Jim Huish and his brother Joe perform The Cup Song from Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2.

The two (and some friends) set up a drum/gun kit for “Uptown Funk with Guns”.

The duo team up with Nashville singer Brittany Blaire to perform “Heartbeat Song / The Middle”.

We’ll give the last two slots to Black Rifle Coffee Company, who’ve produced a number of zany and highly entertaining videos as part of their marketing campaign.  Here’s “Christmas Songs on Steel”.

And finally, their “Star Spangled Steel”.

I’ve heard of percussion musical instruments, but never a percussion cap instrument!  Oh, well . . .  I’m sure there are more videos like that out there.  If you know any good ones, please let us know about them in Comments.



  1. Of course the 1812 Overture uses really big guns, I saw it performed years ago in Boston at the Boston Hatch shell. Go Howitzer or go home!

  2. Waidmann – hit your favourite search engine for "musical steel targets", I guess? There are a couple companies out there, but I have yet to purchase a set for myself, so I can't personally recommend one over the other.

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