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A couple of months ago, I put up a Sunday morning music post with a song from each of the Moody Blues‘ first seven albums, generally regarded by aficionados as their “core” music.  However, they went on to produce eight more studio albums, as well as many compilations of their past hits.  I thought it might be worthwhile, for the sake of completeness, to include their later albums as well.

Octave” was released in 1978, after a six-year hiatus since “Seventh Sojourn”.  From that album, here’s “Driftwood”.

Long Distance Voyager” was released in 1981, and saw the group regain much of its former popularity with a series of hits taken from the album.  I wore out a vinyl LP of the album in South Africa over the rest of that decade – it was one of my favorites.  Here’s the closing tracks from that album, “Reflective Smile” and “Veteran Cosmic Rocker”.

The group’s next album, “The Present“, is also one of my favorites, appearing in 1983.  From it, here’s “Sorry”.

The Other Side of Life” was released in 1986.  It spawned several hits, including the opening track, “Your Wildest Dreams”.

Next week, we’ll select a track from each of the group’s final four studio albums, and a couple of live performances of some of their classic hits.



  1. Always liked the moody Blues. I missed a chance to see them in Boston years ago. I still enjoy the tunes when I hear them on the radio.
    Was there another group that used the Mellotron, I believe it was called?

  2. "Long Distance Voyager" brings back lots of memories. Lots of good songs on that album. I seem to remember recording it off the radio when they (KBCO) played the entire thing.

  3. I saw them at the Merriwether Post Pavilion in Maryland on the Long-distance Voyager Tour, must have been '81 or 82. Pretty good from what I remember.

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