Sunday morning music

We’ve heard the music of Ian Anderson and his group Jethro Tull on many occasions in these pages.  This morning I’d like to introduce a recording of which many Tull fans may never have heard.

Back in 2017, Ian Anderson produced an album titled “Jethro Tull: The String Quartets“.

He partnered with John O’Hara and the Carducci String Quartet to produce chamber music versions of many classic Tull tunes.  I rather like it, and I hope you will too.

To start off, here’s a medley of two very early Tull tunes:  “Sossity: You’re a Woman” (from the album “Benefit“) and “Reasons for Waiting” (from the album “Stand Up“).

Next, a medley of “Songs from the Wood” and “Heavy Horses“.

And finally, no Tull project would be complete without some form of “Aqualung” – in this case, “Aquafugue”.

The entire album is enjoyable, particularly if you like both classical and rock music.



  1. Just ordered the CD without even listening to your links. I've found Anderson's orchestral work on Utube, but didn't know about this album. Aqualung is one of my all time favorites; thanks Peter.

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