Sunday morning music

Since I’m living in Texas now, how about something home-grown for today’s music?  Here’s the late Allen Wayne Damron, who was something of a legend in Texas country and cowboy music.  I like his sense of humor, among other things.  It comes through in several of the songs he wrote.

Let’s begin with what may be his best-known piece, a swashbuckling, unashamedly triumphalist ballad of a bandido who meets his match at the hands of the ‘Gringo Pistolero’.

Next, would you believe Beethoven’s Ode to Joy can be transcribed for, of all instruments, the banjo?  Mr. Damron might surprise you.

In more lyrical vein, here’s ‘Just a Sign’.

Finally, to close in a cowboy mood, here’s ‘Goodnight Trail’, named for the famous Goodnight-Loving Trail from Texas north through Colorado to Wyoming.  The protagonist of my Western novels, Walt Ames, may have some involvement in the history of that trail in a future book in the series.

That should close out the Old Year on a suitably nostalgic note.

I’ve been putting up these ‘Sunday Morning Music’ posts for a full year now.  Some of you seem to like them, but others appear to find them irrelevant.  What do you think?  If you’d like me to keep them going, let me know in Comments.



  1. Usually they turn out not to be my kind of music. Still I enjoy them for the most part and hope you continue. They broaden my musical experience.

  2. I'm a native Texican. But I've never heard of Allen Wayne Damron. That is some amazing music. Thank you for doing this. I can always stop what doesn't click with me, so you keep it up. You've pulled some good ones.

  3. I strongly support more music posts! Not all are appealing to me but I have found some great music that was totally new to me. Press on!!

  4. I agree with Jim.

    Keep them coming.
    Not all are my cup of tea, but now and then a gem appears.

    This is the first one I would buy but it is not on I-Tunes. Go figure..

    Ed L.

  5. Yes, do keep the Sunday Music. Like the others, not all are what I listen to or like, some are. Nice to hear a variety of music, or have choice not to.

  6. I enjoy the variety of music you post. Some I have never heard, some I like as in today's post. I have long enjoyed Roger Whittaker. Between you and other bloggers who post music I am exposed to songs and artists I may have never heard.

    Deacon in Louisiana

  7. I love them. They expose me to artists I mightn't otherwise have heard, and remind me of old favorites. And they give an added dimension to your posts, as well as remind us that some still keep the sabbath. I like that you get a day of rest, but we still get to check in and say hi. Please continue!

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