Sunday morning music

AC/DC‘s classic rock hit “Thunderstruck” has become an international icon of the classic rock scene.  Here’s the original music video.

However, there have been almost innumerable covers and different versions of the song – some a serious attempt at music, others rather less so.  I thought I’d gather up some of the oddballs, and see if you like them.

Here’s 2Cellos with their not-quite-classical rendition.

The BadPiper had a go at it in hard-blowing fashion.

A 12-year-old self-taught Chinese guitarist produced this outstanding rendition for acoustic guitar.

Finnish parody group Steve’N’Seagulls tried it in bluegrass style.

Here’s Luna Lee tackling “Thunderstruck” on the gayageum, a traditional Korean instrument.

And then there are the parodies.  How about “Thunderstruck” performed with a washer, a drier, a guitar and a mouth harp?

And, last but not least, there’s the farming version . . .

There. That should give you food for musical (in)digestion for a while!



  1. Good list of songs and videos. That tractor reminds me of my uncle's muddy farm during wet season. We put on a new set of tires, banks power and a winch on his truck to help his truck whenever it got stuck.

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