Tab clearing

Several articles and posts caught my eye recently.  In no particular order, they include:

  1. On Security Clearances (The Diplomad)
  2. Pulling Their Clearances Is Only the Start – It’s Time to Stamp out Elite Privilege (Townhall)
  3. Trump Is Not Trying to Silence Brennan.  The president’s strategy is the opposite: to make the former CIA director more prominent and use him as a foil (Bloomberg)
  4. Connecting some dots (Reddit – if true, this list of people and their links uncovers the “Swamp Conspiracy” against President Trump more clearly than anything else I’ve read)
  5. Top Far Left Organizations Bragged About Working with Facebook and Twitter to Censor and Eliminate Conservative Content (Gateway Pundit)
  6. Police Body Cams: The worst thing that could happen to Race Baiters (Gun Free Zone)
  7. And there you have it:  the NRA’s many failures and self-inflicted injuries (In the Middle of the Right)
  8. Study: Humans Are Almost Surely The Only Sentient Life In The Universe (Federalist)
  9. The Best Handgun Caliber – A Real World Study (YouTube – flawed statistical analysis, but nevertheless a useful real-world study)
  10. We’ve Reached “Peak Vagina” (Captain Capitalism)
  11. IMPORTANT – Michael Pillsbury: China Has “New Respect” For U.S. Trade Strategy (Conservative Treehouse – new insights into how President Trump’s so-called “tariff war” is working)
  12. And, last but not least:  Hippos Poop So Much That Sometimes All the Fish Die (Atlantic).

They’re all interesting reading.  Enjoy!



  1. Great, someone decided to do a poor man's version of the Thompson-LaGuarde tests from 1904, got pretty much the same answers, and is now using it to demand even greater gun control.

  2. After clicking the link and actually watching the video I have to correct my earlier comment.
    This was actually a very well done analysis of stopping power as pertains to planning for preppers.
    It was not the recent hatchet job done in support of anti gun proponents.

  3. We need to charge Obama and now. Minimum would be collusion to overturn a legally elected president. Nothing less will do.

  4. Connecting Some Dots: Did you read that? Did you see the name "Barsoomian"? Did you immediately think she was an ERB Martian? And here I've been thinking he made up that name all by himself. (Also posted at the Evil Space Princess' blog.)

  5. Look, indicting Obama and/or Clinton is a fantasy, and a trap. Quit looking back; you're sapping your energy.

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