Electronics And The Grunt

When I served in the military we didn’t have fancy battery-operated gizmos attached to our weapons or equipment. Those were simpler days. Current soldiers (you should pardon the expression) have electronic weapon sights; electronic night vision systems on their helmets; data links to their team or patrol leader, and from him to higher command echelons;… Continue reading Electronics And The Grunt

Not-So-Serious Signals

Military signals have their purposeful side, but also their humor. We’re indebted to Captain Jack Broome of the Royal Navy for his 1955 book “Make A Signal!”, which not only chronicled historical naval battles in terms of the signals exchanged, but included a ‘scrap log’ of the more humorous variety. It was republished under the… Continue reading Not-So-Serious Signals

Have they thought this one through?

I saw a headline yesterday that made me pause: “Monkeys To Get ‘Insane’ Laser Treatment“. It made me wonder, so I read further. It seems that “unemployed youths will be paid to sterilize wild monkeys in India with lasers after a series of attacks on humans”. The youths will be “provided training in capturing and… Continue reading Have they thought this one through?

Snowmobiles as combat vehicles in WW2

One never ceases to learn new things about the last World War. I never knew that on the Eastern Front both the Soviets and Germans used armed snowmobiles as fighting vehicles. You’ll find many photographs and diagrams over at Dark Roasted Blend if you’re interested. BTW, Dark Roasted Blend regularly comes up with truly amazing… Continue reading Snowmobiles as combat vehicles in WW2