The latest must-have hoodlum garb

Young thugs in Britain have been running around in so-called “hoodies” for years. These are sweatsuit tops with hoods, which they wear pulled low over their faces so that security cameras can’t identify them. Now a British company, Bladerunner, has taken the concept one step further. They’re producing a bulletproof hoodie. According to a newspaper… Continue reading The latest must-have hoodlum garb

I think Texas already has something like this

A news report indicates that the Indian Army is about to introduce a curry grenade. According to the report: India’s weapons development experts have developed an eye-watering spice bomb, packed with a potent mix of red chilli and pepper which will be used to smoke out militants during counter-insurgency operations. . . . scientists from… Continue reading I think Texas already has something like this

YouTube 2007 Video Awards

The winners of the YouTube 2007 Video Awards have been announced. There are some very creative and entertaining clips among them. I have two favorites. The first is the utterly irresistible “Laughing Baby”, which won in the “Adorable” category: The second is from South Africa, showing a dramatic confrontation and life-and-death struggle involving buffalo, crocodiles… Continue reading YouTube 2007 Video Awards

Geckos get more and more interesting

Seems there’s an animal trend to tonight’s posts. I may as well keep it going. The humble gecko has already given rise to two scientific breakthroughs: a super-strong, super-sticky tape to bond to anything, and a dissolving bandage. The bandage can be applied internally during surgery, and will stick regardless of blood or other fluids… Continue reading Geckos get more and more interesting

Creepy-crawlies that are really creepy

Image courtesy of Danger Room blog on the Wired network The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, issued a request for proposals back in 2006 for the creation of cyborg insects. According to a report at the time: DARPA wants to develop inexpensive MAVs [micro aerial vehicles] to find weapons and explosives inside buildings… Continue reading Creepy-crawlies that are really creepy

Weekend Wings #7: Aerotoxic Syndrome?

The reality of so-called “aerotoxic syndrome” has been debated for years. The airline industry, aircraft manufacturers and regulatory authorities appear to have avoided the issue, uttered pious platitudes or flat-out denied its existence for many years. However, the weight of evidence has grown so strong that it’s now a major issue. I’d like to devote… Continue reading Weekend Wings #7: Aerotoxic Syndrome?