Talk about blowing them away!

A very big, heartfelt THANK YOU!!! to all my readers who’ve contributed to Wil Caligan’s fundraiser, which I mentioned yesterday.  It’s been “live” for a mere 24 hours, and has already exceeded its initial goal of $7,500 more than three times over – at the time of writing, $24,925, or 333%, to be exact.  So powerful has been the response that additional “stretch” goals have been announced.  If the campaign reaches $50,000, a third book will be commissioned;  and if (as seems likely, judging by the response so far) that goal is reached (we’re already almost halfway there), I daresay further “stretch” goals will be announced.

I’m sure Wil is delighted by your support, and very grateful.  I certainly am!  I hope that the SJW’s who attacked and sought to ostracize him have learned from this.  There are enough people out there who reject them and their weird, moonbattish views that they simply won’t be allowed to keep a good man down.  One would have thought they’d already learned that, but they seem to be a particularly hard-headed crowd.  Oh, well . . . we’ll just have to keep applying the necessary cluebats.

If you haven’t already contributed to the fundraiser, may I earnestly request that you consider doing so?  I think this is a very worthy cause.  It’s only open for another six days, so time is short.  Heck, if we raise enough, we might be able to get Wil to draw graphic novels of all seven of the books offered to him for the purpose!  Wouldn’t that be fun?



  1. "I hope that the SJW's who attacked and sought to ostracize him have learned from this."

    Bwahahahaha! Optimistic sort, ain'tcha? 🙂

    As of 0930, 24 January, they've raised over 4x the goal. Way to go!

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