Tamara speaks wisely

Tamara offers sage advice concerning the basics of self-defense.

This constant assertion that if people haven’t taken a refresher Tactical Disruptive Combat Pistol III [course] every year, shoot IDPA once a month, and carry a Roland Special with a two spare mags, a handheld light, a blowout kit, and a BUG, then they just aren’t serious about self-protection is actively counterproductive in the wider shooting world.

“Putting on your shoes and walking off the beach” is carrying a gun…any gun…daily, getting at least a basic half-day class in when and how it may legally be used, and getting to the range with it at least twice a year to maintain some basic level of comfort with its use. If somebody does that, they are SO FAR ahead of the curve, statistically speaking.

There’s more at the link.  Very highly recommended reading – and advice worth following.



  1. Not a fan. That woman has her head shoved so far up her own ass that the only thing she still hears is her own shit. If she wants to piss away her hard earned coin making her gun daddy rich that's her look out. but she should keep her know it all BS to herself.

    1. A: Which woman?
      B: Who's her gun daddy?
      C: Hyphens would make your post so much richer.
      D: Can we get an example of "her" "BS"?

      –Inquiring minds, and all that.

  2. To Mr./Mrs./Ms. Anonymous:

    You are not a fan of whom? There were two women involved in that posting… I personally have a great deal of respect for the knowledge and thoughtfulness that BOTH of them demonstrate through their writing.

  3. I'm with you Toastrider. I'm not a fan of everything Tam says, but she has ALOT of good and challenging masterials.
    What are Anon's ground for criticizing her?

  4. @Anonymous at 8:56 AM: You're full of it. Tamara has been known and respected in the firearms community for well over two decades. She is a known authority. When she speaks, the rest of us shut up and listen. As far as being a "know-it-all" is concerned, she DOES know most of it.

    I suggest you take your attitude elsewhere. It – and you – are not welcome here.

  5. Anonymouse doesn't sweat me any. 😉

    I know how much my opinions on these topics are worth. To the penny, actually, since I deposit the checks monthly.

  6. Anon appears to have read about half of Kathy's first sentence and flounced of in a huff…

    More fools they, and good riddance.

  7. Heeheehee!!! Tam, know-it-all. Heeheehee! She continually discounts her knowledge and ability. She continually defers to others when it comes to all things shooty. While I believe she knows far more than she lets on, she isn't all "hey look at me!" when it comes to sharing knowledge.

    To top that off, it seems she's always out some kind of attending training, GOOD training, to learn more about this stuff. Not at the hallmark of a "know-it-all" IMHO.

    I wish more folks were like Tam and understood that it pays to seek out and to listen to other folks with experience and knowledge.

    She does not seek the spotlight. Quite the opposite.

  8. No name = coward.

    Ms. Jackson and Ms. Keel always offer a reasoned discourse on firearms and their use. Ms. Keel often adds a nice dose of snark as well.


  9. How cute! It's adorable when trolls crawl out from under their bridges,raising their smart phones to the sky in hopes of a connection.

  10. "B: Who's her gun daddy?"

    Maybe it's a volunteer thing? Can I be her gun daddy for a month, then Peter can take over, then maybe we could get Lawdog in on it… 😀 😀

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