A temporary halt to a great air display

The Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) includes 29 AH-64D Apache attack helicopters in its inventory, operated by its 301st Squadron at the Gilze-Rijen Air Base. Until recently that squadron offered a solo helicopter for display flights, which was seen at numerous air shows to spectacular effect (including winning two prizes at British air shows in 2011). The photograph below shows it in the middle of a loop, discharging anti-missile decoy flares.

Unfortunately, the RNLAF has been forced to temporarily discontinue its Apache display flights, due to pressure of other demands on the limited number of helicopters and their pilots. It’s to be hoped that budgetary pressures on the service won’t be so severe as to preclude their resumption in due course.

Here’s a video clip of one of their award-winning display flights last year. It’s worth watching in full-screen mode.

To Ted in Alaska, veteran helicopter pilot and CFI, a.k.a. ‘The Gunny’ – hope you enjoyed that! However, Miss D. still maintains that helicopters are only able to fly because they’re so ugly, the ground rejects them . . .



  1. Rather have a Whiskey Cobra!

    Nothing is more embarassing then when an Apache pilot has to radio the Chinook and tell him to slow down so he can keep up.


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