Terminal doofidity?

I hesitate to use incidents like this as part of my Doofus Of The Day series, as the death of the protagonist is always a tragedy for his loved ones.  Nevertheless, it was a particularly stupid and senseless way to die!

A Brazilian angler died after a fish he had just caught swam down his throat and choked him to death, according to reports.

The man was fishing with friends on a beach in Icapui, in Brazil’s northeastern state of Ceara, when he reeled in a small sole fish, according to police.

The fishermen then reportedly made a bizarre bet with his friends that he would be able to hold the slippery fish between his teeth for a minute.

But no sooner had he put the fish into his mouth that it escaped and swam down his throat, getting lodged in the man’s windpipe.

Despite suffocating, the angler managed to get to his car and drive to a hospital two miles away.

But when he arrived there at 11am on Sunday he collapsed and died before doctors could save him.

There’s more at the link.

To adapt a well-known song, I guess the angler’s body is ‘mouldering in the grave’ because his sole kept marching on!



  1. Oohhhh, that's almost as bad as the amore/ a moray/ a molé pun I saw the other day. Well played, sir, well played.


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