Terrorism: None so blind as those who will not see

I was extremely irritated by this so-called expert’s views on how to “train our citizens to survive” terror attacks.

A key part of this is what the security industry refers to as “situational awareness” and it’s an effective tool for those trained how to use it properly.

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Therefore, it’s the small pre-event indicators we need to be aware of, the change in engine pitch, the screech of tyres or the sound of people shouting. Unfortunately, most people are not attuned to such warning signs, not just because they haven’t been trained, but simply because they wander around in their own world, or are too busy concentrating on their phone rather than what’s going on around them.

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Surely then, it’s time for the government to establish a national programme to sensitise, train and mobilise the community to play a bigger part to prevent, and deal with a terrorist attack. A call to action for everyone to unite and safeguard our way of life.

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We need to provide the public with the skills and training to enable them to spot the tell tale signs of suspicious activities or behaviour within their neighbourhoods. Including signs of radicalisation and identifying those who support violence and are sympathetic to terrorists and their causes.

How to recognise suspicious articles, behaviour and vehicles and how to provide an accurate description of these to the police. It should also provide a process of things to do after a terror attack in order that communities can work together during a time of difficulty and adversity.

The response to a terror attack and what people can do to protect themselves and their fellow citizens is critical in countering the current threat.

There’s more at the link.

Notice what’s missing?  At no time does he say a single word about resisting an attack.  At no time does he mention defending oneself and one’s loved ones against attack.  At no time does he entertain the possibility of training people to fight back.  As far as I’m concerned, that gaping void in reality degrades and diminishes everything else he has to say.  Awareness of the situation, without the will and the means and the training and the mindset to do something about it, is of little value.

Why allow yourself to be a victim?  Why perish helplessly?  Sure, you may die in a terror attack . . . but if you’re going to die anyway, why not die fighting back?  Why not spit defiance into the face of the monsters who try to terrify the society in which they live, and show others of their ilk that they won’t have it all their own way?  Who knows?  You might succeed, and live . . . and even if you die, you might set such an example of courage that the next wannabe terrorist might think twice about his evil intentions.  What have you got to lose?

Gabe Suarez puts it succinctly in analyzing the terrorist incident in Fresno a few days ago.

Fresno Police report that a thirty-nine year old, male black, named Kori Ali Muhammad, killed three people Fresno as he shouted “Allahu Akbar”, and other statements about hating white people … According to Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer, “Muhammad had expressed hatred toward white people and the government … In a video clip, Muhammad vows to “bring destruction & wrath upon America” and “white devils”.

What is incredulous and almost ridiculous is that Chief Dyer said it was “too early to say whether or not this involves terrorism,” although he acknowledged that Muhammad shouting Allah Akbar “could give that indication”.


1).  We still live in a time of war.  And the terrorists we have to concern ourselves with as individuals are neither in Syria nor in Iraq.  They are right here, were likely as not born right here, and speak English.  It would be stupid for the reader to not be suspicious of a man like Kori walking up and trying to establish contact with them.  I imagine all his victims, those “white devils” he discusses in his video, were apprehensive about him initially, but their next thought was likely, “Good heavens…I don’t want to appear to be a racist”.

2).  Fresno is not a gun friendly place, nor in a gun friendly state.  His victims could not have done much – at least not if they were obeying the rules.  Interesting that Mr. Mohammed was not obeying such rules.  I wonder again if the victims were given a do-over, if they would have lifted a middle finger to such rules and carried a pistol with them that day?

3).  America may have made a hard right turn last November, but the left still controls the media and the minds of many … One must ask, if a similarly motivated man, named himself “Saint John”, went out and shot a few people while yelling, “In Jesus’ Name!”  I will bet you my police retirement that there would be zero hesitation in labeling such a man a “White Christian Terrorist”.  So why the double standard, media people?  One wonders.

We still live in a time of war.

Stay frosty – stay dangerous.

Again, more at the link.

Yes, we are living in a time of war;  and yes, we are all potentially on the front lines, so be prepared to fight.  Why die like a sheep, crawling on your knees and begging for mercy?  At least be willing to die like a man, fighting for what’s right, and to defend oneself, one’s family and one’s country – and be equipped, trained and prepared to fight!

If anyone tells you that’s wrong, or immoral, or whatever, treat them and their arguments with the contempt they deserve.  They’re nothing more than enablers of terror.



  1. And please understand that the TRUE "enablers of terror" are your fine friends in "Law Enforcement", both local and other wise, who bow and scrape before their Masters and do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin' in.

    Rove Republicans. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    No morals.
    No scruples.
    No principles.
    No honor.

    EVERY ONE OF THEM swore an oath to the Constitution before they pinned on that badge and strapped on that gun. Yet NOT EVEN ONE OF THEM will bother to honor that oath. As shown again the other day in Berserkely, where the pigs sat in their cruisers and watched. Instead of arresting the terrorists for attacking the Trump supporters.

    May every one of them – and their families – soon burn in hell where they belong.

  2. That is interesting in the 'lack' of fighting back seems to be a theme for a lot of these so called experts. They NEVER cover self-defense with a lawfully carried firearm. Sigh…

  3. Government agencies have not only given up on their citizens protecting themselves from random violence, they arrest and sometimes even prosecute the person do does so if laws were broken. "You can't carry firearms here – you are as much a criminal as the scumbag who was the active shooter." The government agency wants only CERTIFIED professionals to deal with violence, no matter who it is. The problem is those law enforcement individuals are often ordered to back off until the head LEOs decide how to stop them. Meanwhile, lives are lost while waiting, ala Orlando club shooter.

  4. I've always thought that you can tell the level of "podunk" in a towns government by the number of stars on the chief of police's collar.

  5. I agree with Roy. I'm often torn between laughing at or pitying the insecurechiefs of such departments sporting the same four stars worn by men and women who earned that rank the hard way.


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