Texas isn’t stopping illegal aliens – it’s aiding and abetting them


That’s the conclusion drawn by Michael Yon during his tour of the US-Mexican border.  In his main report on the subject, he wrote yesterday:

After Trump left, the border flew open. Texas Governor Greg Abbott pretends he is doing something to close the border. This is false.

I am warned that shining light on Abbott will cost me supporters. Hello! I did same in Iraq, Afghanistan, and many more. My dispatches will withstand audit and test of time. This page is not for happy stories unless the story is happy. I came to this border hoping that Abbott was telling the truth. He’s not. Simple.

National Guard plopped down 40 foot containers and with giant gaps between, in which the parked millions of dollars worth of empty, unguarded humvees. There also is a single strand of concertina wire easily defeated with a blanket.

‘Migrants’ cross the river right in front of us. Texas National Guard do nothing but wait for Border Patrol, but huge numbers avoid the National Guard completely. They are breaking into homes and destroying fences deep in the interior dozens of miles from the border. We were there in Bracketville seeing this yesterday, and Eagle Pass last evening, and this morning in Eagle Pass some more.

. . .

Governor Abbott is not succeeding. I don’t care to hear any excuses. Elon Musk at the end of the Wall at Boca Chica is preparing to depart to Mars. And yet Abbott with a massive budget and assets cannot figure out how to stop this. Abbott must go. Stop accepting failure.

The National Guard are down there pretending like they are on a top secret mission from God. I am told they have been warned that talking with ‘press’ can land them in UCMJ trouble. (Uniform Code of Military Justice — military law.)

The team of Allen West reached out yesterday and wishes to talk today. What do you think of LTC (r) West? He’s not from Texas, which I am told makes for an uphill slog. But then Elon Musk is not from America, or from Mars, and he’s putting people into space regularly and better than NASA. Maybe Texas needs someone who is not sipping cognac with the Bush clan.

. . .

We are heading back to the border this morning.

MAKE SURE TO SCROLL THE PHOTOS — the tires are for drags to erase tracks to make it easier to find new footprints. But this is all a game. We are being successfully invaded. Abbott is facilitating invasion while trying to be re-elected. We need Testosterone on the border. Toxic-Progressives are worse than al Qaeda, by far. That is not hyperbole. They are enemies of freedom.

There’s more at the link.  See also these links for subsequent reports, with pictures and/or video:

This is far from the first report I’ve seen and heard about this.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott has made frequent claims that he’s using the National Guard and other resources to protect Texas from the illegal alien invasion that the Biden administration is encouraging.  However, those on the ground at the border are reporting a very different reality.  They say it’s all smoke and mirrors, political window-dressing;  that the Governor’s measures are misleading and deceitful.  My contacts there say that things are as bad as ever, and in some areas are getting worse.

Why would Governor Abbott lie about this?  He must know most Texans are opposed to tolerance for illegal aliens.  If he’s trying to gain political credit towards his re-election, surely he knows that ordinary Texans on the ground would give him the lie?  Or is he “in bed” with the Texas news media, knowing they won’t report his duplicity?  I’ve seen no reports about this at all in the media near where I live.  Is the same true in Texas’ major cities such as Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio?  Given Michael Yon’s proven track record, I’ll take his word any day over the rest of the mainstream media’s.

Texans, take note.  If any Texans living on or near the border with Mexico can tell us more, please do so in Comments.



  1. That Yon brings up a variant of the old "if we can put a man on the moon, why can't we solve (x social problem)" indicates that he's not actually thinking, just emoting. Elon Musk getting into space is a matter of physics, engineering, and manufacturing, all of which have the benefit of dealing with mathematically predictable inanimate objects. Dealing with illegals involves dealing with that most unpredictable animate entity, man, and is an entirely different type of problem.

    To simplify it, it's like asking "You took a wheelbarrow full of flour from the bar to your house with ease, why couldn't you do the same with your drunk friends?" Answer: Because the flour couldn't choose to resist me, and my drunk friends did.

  2. Tom makes very good points. And I might add….what the heck is Abbott going to do with millions of folks that are swamping the border?
    Shoot them?
    Arrest all of them?
    And then Texans will have to house and feed them. And then my taxes go up to feed and house them. Because the federal government definitely does a wonderful job of that (snark)
    There's nothing that any ordinary person can do; when the elites of far-away Washington are projecting an open house welcome mat!
    So you are bashing Abbott as being a "politician" or squishy on national concerns…..yet y'all are praising that dude that won in Virginia….did you know that dude worked for Dominion voting machines for 25 years. Yeah, that company that is supported by Soros.
    So if you want to equivocate; how about that one?

  3. Yes it is bad. I hunt near Hebbronville Texas. There is simply too much border to police with the current ROE. Unless we want to start shooting people or putting in minefields, the border will stay somewhat porous at best. The bottom line IMO is that this battle is *NOT* won at the border. The analogy I most find apt…'to get the ants out of your kitchen, first remove the pile of sugar from your floor.' Border walls, troops, etc are all 'security theater' that only stops the casual crossings. Until the .gov makes it *VERY* clear the illegals are not wanted nor supported, they will continue to find a way to come in large numbers.

  4. how about we start a program called "buy a plane ticket for an illegal"? use the same machinery they use for the lotto. but it has to be written into LAW that the mon ey is used to buy plane or bus tickets for illegals to someplace nice. like martha's vi neyard or the hamptons

  5. I'm sure Abbott is doing all that polite society allows. That's the problem. You can't be polite to those willing to ignore laws and customs.

    Will this end? It always does, and if it goes bad, the urban wars will leave thousands dead. You can't demand someone to allow illegals to endanger their existence. If there is no other recourse, the invaders will find violence as they attempt to travel. Law enforcement will turn their backs.

  6. And one begins to wonder, why can't we shoot them? Most of them are young men or women of military age supposedly fleeing oppression in their own country. So? Maybe if they'd stay in their own country they could affect change there.

    Yes, bad to shoot bambinos and grandmothers, but for the most part the invasion isn't. It isn't bambinos (except used by smugglers or child slavers) and it's not grandparents.

    It's, just like the 'migrant crisis' in Europe, mostly males and, here, females of military age.



    Sounds like literally an invasion to me. An unarmed (so far, supposedly) invasion but it's an invasion.

    How do you stop an invasion? Of guerillas and cells of terrorists and irregulars, carrying every known disease to Man except, so far, Ebola? And serving as advanced scouting/harassing forces for armed nations up to and including Communist China (where all that fine fentanyl and meth chemicals and just meth are coming from?)

    ePast time to start shooting

  7. We now have millions, yes millions of non-citizens who can (and do) send in ballots. You speak to them (in Spanish or English) and they'll tell you that they work and pay taxes (not in their name) or that they're residents (and they'll show you their food cards) in the United States so why can't they vote.
    Good! Settled! They're here. Now, what do we do about them? What do we do about the people who let/brought them here? The churches too?
    After seeing/knowing what my parents and my grandparents went through to get here and how they worked their fingers to the bone to feed themselves and their families…
    Go ahead! Tell me. What do we do about them?

  8. Boron, the millions that work are much less of an issue than the tens of millions that don't and the millions pushing accross the border to join the non-working.

    …and send them all home works just fine by me. We have far too many on welfare that should be working those same jobs.

  9. Not sure if things have changed since I was in, but having served both regular Army and National Guard I am familiar with at least the legalities that existed in the 90's… Simply putting NG troops there is at best an "advisory" role with more likely a "move things around to put up barriers". No real police powers (exception of MPs, and even then limited) barring a major declaration of "state of emergency" or martial law… Mind, should push come to shove and that were to happen? Well, that'd be different…

  10. and send them all home works just fine by me. We have far too many on welfare that should be working those same jobs.

    –have you thought that thru? How do you SEND a million people "home" to any one of a dozen countries that we don't control? How about 30 million? You can't fly them, the countries wouldn't allow the planes to land, and there isn't enough air capacity. You can't bus them or load them into boxcars, we don't control the rail lines or highways.

    The only thing that has a possibility of working is them self-deporting. Make it impossible for them to find housing, buy food, or work. Draconian. Public relations nightmare. And if you try force, hundreds or thousands of Jackboots then trained to abuse the next group, and they will be used if available… and the invaders will resist. The media will be full of abused kids, starving babies living in filth, homeless shantytowns. Who has the will for that? Who wins is who doesn't blink, and I can guarantee we'd blink.

    Unless you are personally willing to shoot them wherever they are, we're not 'sending' anyone anywhere.


    (and don't forget the narcos will provide armed resistance. They will band the invaders together and La Raza will rise up. That's the long term plan anyway, they'll just change the timing.)

  11. Nick, if you had the political power for mass deportation the media would support you or just dealt with.

    I find it unlikely the so called conservatives who don't succeeded entire segments of the nation to the Left , in essence selling their patrimony to make a little money, the proverbial mess of pottage can do that.

    In order to solve any of the problem facing the US you need power and the will to use it in very unpleasant ways, as you noted its its not there.

    And note you have to have a win plan and a reason to fight and leave me alone if a temper tantrum. You want the country a certain way you force non compliant to you order or break the country up. Learn not to blink simply that.

    Since you won't, the US gets to be Brazil. Upside in not that long the Feds won't be able to do squat and your problems will be locals cartels, corrupt officials . Maybe that will be easier to deal with

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