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Last Wednesday I posted about the virulent hatred spewed out by Fresno University Associate Professor Randa Jarrar.  That post went viral, and has been viewed thousands of times.

Now, my friend Lawdog has provided his opinion of the waste of oxygen that is Professor Jarrar.  He does so in his own inimitable way, of course – for instance:

… any private person thinking of not donating money to the idiot institution who thought it was a Good Idea to not only hire this purulent pismire, but to give her tenure, that private person is on the side of all that is Good and Decent on this little green dirtball.

Click over there to read it in full.  Lawdog’s prose is, as usual, worth it.


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  1. The problem is that were the reverse true, IE: a conservative prof says something deemed inappropriate by the left, that prof would be fired and pilloried.

    It has happened time and time again. NO. Hell no. Not any more. Make them play by their own rules.

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