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Regular readers will remember I’ve said for years that neither the Republican nor the Democratic parties are to be trusted.  Both are self-centered organizations prepared to do whatever is necessary to promote their own agendas rather than what the United States really needs.

Blue put it in a nutshell today with this image.

Word. Thanks, Blue.



  1. No matter what letter accompanies their name, I've learned just to despise every politician on sight. It saves time and money.

  2. Yes.
    "The deep state" is just the new name for "No matter who you vote for, the government gets elected."
    I sometimes suspect that all the politicians are, e.g., addicted to crack, and thus subject to blackmail by each other and by the permanent institutions.
    It doesn't help a bit that laws are now effectively made by administrative agencies, and it takes a supermajority in the legislature to block a new regulation-with-the-force-of-law.
    Around here, urban planning is done by regional metagovernmental agencies whose members never appear on any ballot I get to vote on. In the last city council election, the "Radical redevelopment: full speed ahead!" slate was endorsed by the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the Sierra Club, the real-estate development cartel, the government-employee unions, and basically all of the entrenched interests, no matter how opposed their nominal purposes. In short: the unified ruling class now looks after its own interests with only the very thinnest window-dressing of consent.

  3. When there is a boot on your neck, it matters little whether the boot is red or blue, right or left.

  4. I suspect it's something like the M*A*S*H episode in which Father Mulcahy took over the Mess Hall and unwittingly signed for a bunch of non-existent mess trays and other equipment.

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