That must have been . . . interesting!

Several readers sent in this picture over the past couple of days.  I don’t know its original source.  Clickit to biggit.

That must have been an interesting roller-coaster ride for those inside!



  1. Had the same thing happen in my neighborhood a few years back. The drunk crawled out of his car with just minor scratches. Town was without power for two days. I don't know how he did it, either.

  2. It's been my observation over the years that it requires a HIGH velocity to take out a section of telephone pole like that. Triple digits type numbers. Lower speeds tend to just break the pole at one location. The multiple power lines introduces a variable that may influence the breakage, but I can't quantify it.

    It also requires the vehicle to already be rolling/tumbling, as having a broad section of the vehicle hitting, as opposed to an edge strike, is part of the removal process. Occupant survival is low percentage.

  3. I crawled out of one of those at the age of 7. My Aunt lost control on a rainy country road. Two adults and five children in the car. The most we had was cuts and scratches. Too young to know how lucky I was at the time. I still remember seeing the telephone pole hanging from the line.

  4. Now, THAT had to hurt…a LOT!!

    Bet it was pretty noisy for a few seconds for whoever was inside the vehicle, too.

    Best guess would be, there was a substantial amount of "recreational" alcohol, drug(s) or both involved…and that, one way or another, the vehicle went well-"airborne" just before it…"intercepted" – the power-pole…

    Wicked –

  5. Clearly a tornado.
    We have all seen wind driven sticks driven through walls and here is a clear case of a wind driven car going through a stick.

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