That must have been an “interesting” firefight

A total of eight medals for valor in action have been awarded for a single engagement in Afghanistan in 2019.  It was fought by a helicopter-borne group of Marine Raiders, so that must represent a pretty large proportion of those involved.

A Marine master sergeant blasted his way into a building filled with at least eight Taliban fighters in an attempt to save an Afghan comrade during an hours-long fight in which he braved point-blank gunfire and grenade blasts, earning him the nation’s third-highest valor award.

The master sergeant was one of eight Marine Raiders recognized by Marine Forces Special Operations Command for their actions during the April 10, 2019, mission in southern Afghanistan. He received the Silver Star. Three other Raiders — a major and two staff sergeants — were awarded Bronze Stars with combat “V” devices for their roles in the raid.

Four more on the team received the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Valor.

There’s more at the link, including details of the fight.

I won’t steal the article’s thunder by reprinting everything here – you can click over there and read it for yourself – but that must have been one hot and heavy gunfight for a while.  Congratulations to all whose valor has been recognized, and to the rest of their unit, too.  I’m glad they’re all alive to receive recognition.


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  1. "…The partner force began to retreat immediately, but the multipurpose canine handler held his position just a couple yards from the doorway…"

    Translation: the elite Afghan auxiliaries elected to abandon their wounded man, but an evil, privileged American did what they lacked the balls to do, and refused to run away.

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