That’s cool – in fact, it looks really cold!

Here’s an F-16 flying low-level over Japan.  Looks like the pilot’s having a lot of fun.  Unless my eyes mislead me, at one point he actually flies between (not over) a bunch of wind turbines, at jet speeds!  Not something I’d care to try.

Some people get paid for having fun, don’t they?



  1. The only thing that would make this better is if they had an HD HUD camera. I doubt that the F-16 will ever be fitted with one, but who knows what mid-life upgrade may be offered.

  2. Those wind turbines looked pretty far apart. These guys seem to think they know the width of their plane to the inch.

    It's those 90 degree banks that shock me. You know that's pushing LOTS of Gs.

  3. If I were given the choice of careers, viper driver would have been top of the list. Alas bad vision and a 6'8" frame kept me out of a cockpit and the military in general. My piloting experience amounts to flying a few decrepit prop planes off grass strips and a bunch of wannabe pilot time in hyper-realistic flight sims like the Falcon series.

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