That’s going to be expensive . . .

A French fishing trawler went into dry-dock at a shipyard in Spain last week for repairs.  Perhaps they should have chosen a different yard.




  1. Would love to know the full story. There has to be a reason why someone thought it was a good idea to be filming it with their phone.

  2. Looks like the shipyard was trying to lift too large a vessel. And someone knew it. Slipway was too narrow for that ship.

  3. It fell on a sharp edge of the slipway. I would expect that to break ribs and bulkheads, plus knock the engine off it's mounts, bend the shaft, displace fuel tanks or crack them, and a whole lot more. They may have just totaled it. You can see the hull spring when it hit.

    Someone doesn't know how to block up the keel and hull properly. I suspect it looked poorly done to the cameraman, which would explain his focus. Just wish he would TURN THE PHONE for a proper panoramic view. I didn't see any support struts, just keel support. Not good enough. Hope no one was onboard!

  4. Oh, man. Repairs, Everything Will said.

    Once the obvious is made good, then, the class society or insurer's Internal Structure Exam for the hull. Every single weld.

    It being a fishing boat and it being the EU, it may be a matter of bribing the right port state control official and patching everything… if the engine mounts held and if the gearbox didn't tear straight off and take the shaft with it.

  5. You could hear the supports popping and cracking at the very beginning. They knew it was about to go and there wasn't a thing anyone could do about it except get out of the way. That's why the guy was taking the video.

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