That’s one way to stop criminals…


Courtesy of a link provided on MeWe, we find this video clip documenting how Brazilian motorists, plagued with thieves on motorcycles, are dealing with the problem.  WARNING:  It’s violent and pretty terminal, so if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing, don’t watch it.  Click the tweet image below to be taken to the video on Twitter.

Yep.  When criminals push people too far, the people are going to push back.



  1. Now for the USA to apply this to Antifa and BLM whenever they decide to block off a highway during rush hour.

  2. I would like to point out that other countries DO NOT have '5mph bumpers' so they can slam into these folks all day long and it wouldn't damage a thing.

  3. Really enjoyed watching those videos. Watching worthless human trash get sent to their maker(who will in turn send them where they belong) is most gratifying.

  4. I think this video represents the concept that when you don't have the police, the punishment for any crime can include the death penalty.

  5. Don +1

    My concern would be someone pissed off at someone on a motorcycle just taking them out and then claiming… Without video, how do you prove that they were actually trying to rob you? I ride a bike and it is very exposed out there.

  6. The lesson of Larry Niven's "The Deadlier Weapon" applies here.



  7. That was graphic. The motorcycle hoods deserve what they are getting. I just hope the law abiding, innocent cyclers are not wrongly targeted by the pissed off citizens. Otherwise, clean up the streets.

  8. This is what happens when the justice system can't or won't do their job. In the old west the vigilance committees of citizens dealt with malefactors. I am reminded of a story of a police strike in an Arizona City. When the police chief was asked by the local media what would be the effect on crime, he opined that it would go down. When the surprised interviewer asked him why, he said that most of the populous was armed and criminals know that with no police or jails the only thing the citizen could do was shoot the problem maker. That the perps would far rather deal with the police than an armed citizenry.

  9. You can find these sorts of videos on the u-tube channel "ASP". John Correia has years of crime video collected from around the world. He has mentioned approx 50k videos. He posts at least one new one every day, plus he also does police body cam action. He is a self-defense trainer, and pastor.

  10. شُکراً و الحمدُللّٰہ
    Shukraan wa alhamdolillah
    Praise be to Allah
    For willing his trash to be cleared!

  11. For Ragin Dave, the penalty for failing to comply with any armed thief's demands can include the death penalty. In fact, even compliance can earn the death penalty.

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