That’s telling him!

A wannabe carjacker got the fright of his life in Midlothian, Texas when his intended victim objected.

He was sitting in his vehicle in the parking lot, waiting for his wife to finish shopping, when a man and woman approached his car.

Police identified the suspects as 21-year-old Caleb Michael Jefferson and 17-year-old Niyah Williams.

The man asked the victim, “What’s up?” Caught off guard, the victim thought he might know the man, who entered the vehicle and sat beside the driver. A woman got in, too, sitting directly behind the driver.

By then, the victim realized he didn’t know the suspects. The man in the passenger seat then reached under his shirt indicating that he had a gun and told the victim, “The next thing you say, you’re going to heaven.”

Unfazed by the threat, the victim responded by reaching into a bag beside him and pulling out his own .40-caliber handgun. He pointed his weapon at the suspect and said, “Let’s go!”

There’s more at the link.

Yes, the cops got them.  I think that’s one of the more perfect responses to criminals I’ve heard in a while . . .



  1. It being Texas I'd say the perp got off extremely lucky.
    Given the described scenario the driver would IMHO have been justified in simply drawing and firing with no further conversation. Having been threatened with death, and being in reasonable fear for his life, prima facia self defense.
    Whether or not to turn and shoot the female behind him would be a bit less clear.
    But even a justified shooting is always a hassle and it certainly would have messed up the upholstery, so good job on minimizing everyones' pain there.

  2. A perp's confederate behind you? Well, fear for your life, especially from a female.

    I had the scene from "Raiders …" run through my head, when Indiana Jones asks "You want to talk with God? Let's BOTH go! I don't …"

  3. The line between foolish and brave is fuzzy sometimes. I'd say that all parties got off very lucky in this one. Don't know that I would have opted for talking at that point…

  4. Sorry, but – that Link goes to a sit behind a particularly-aggressive pay-wall…and this Homie don't play that tune, not even once…

    Seems like a nice story, too – Oh, well…(8-D)

  5. Of course, that should be "site", not "sit" – sorry 'bout the typo…

    BTW – Texas or otherwise, had I been the driver, I'd've given that butthead a double-tap in the chest, then turned to the "girlfriend"…but then, that's just me, maybe.

  6. If she was still in the vehicle, and not running with both hands empty, she would have been second. Just jumping out of the vehicle doesn't remove her from being a deadly threat, and I sure wouldn't be waiting to see if she was going to produce a gun.

    Lock your car doors, people!

  7. My all time favorite is the story of the Society of Creative Anachronism member returning from a Royal Feast through Central Park in full medieval garb, covered by a cloak. Some look tired to mug him with a switchblade, which broke on his chainmail (yes, a think bale CAN get through chainmail…but it =needs to be made of something better than pot-metal).

    Says the SCA member, drawing his longsword, "I'll see your six inches and raise you three feet!"

    Precipitating the fastest mile ever covered in stolen Nikes.

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