That’s telling them!

Jim Quinn, blogging at The Burning Platform, lays out how the current political brouhaha has made him feel.  I suspect many Americans feel the same.

Since the start of this year I’ve found myself in a mental funk. I’m tired of the lies. I’m tired of incessant media propaganda. I’m tired of politicians. I’m tired of economic experts. I’m tired of hucksters touting their “the end is near” tale to sell me something. I’m tired of faux mainstream media journalists and their whining about Trump being mean and threatening the First Amendment.

They don’t know jack about the First Amendment, as they work for one of the six media conglomerates whose job it is to produce fake news supporting whatever narrative keeps their Deep State benefactors in power. Regurgitating lines written for them by corporate propagandists is not journalism and has absolutely no relationship to the First Amendment. Over the last decade the only place to find some truth has been the alternative media thriving on the uncensored internet. That’s why the establishment wants to regulate the internet.

The fake news blitz by a Deep State, flailing about trying to retain their power and wealth, has reached frantic proportions. The left wingers, egged on by Obama and funded by Soros, hold increasingly inane protests with themes like: wear a vagina hat to support feminazis; hug an illegal immigrant; everyone I hate is a Nazi; and women take another day off and no one notices. The traitorous neo-con warmongers like McCain, Graham, and Kristol see their enormously profitable never ending global conflict agenda at risk. The military industrial complex needs enemies. The left wingers and neo-cons have joined forces to utilize the fake Russian election intervention propaganda in a last ditch desperate attempt to derail the Trump presidency before it starts.

The relentlessness, bitterness, and blatant disregard for the truth exhibited by Trump’s vast array of opponents have made TV virtually unwatchable. I’ve found myself mentally checking out. Why waste mental energy debating hacks, mental midgets and paid trolls for the establishment? After spending years obliterating fake government statistics on a daily basis, I find continuing to do so is just mental masturbation with no ultimate satisfaction. Confronting left wingers and neo-cons is like wresting with a pig, you both get dirty and the pig likes it.

I’ve always been an observer. I’ve been observing how certain both sides are regarding their positions on illegal immigration, Muslims, Russia, Obamacare, Supreme Court nominees, executive orders, jobs, taxes, climate change, school choice, oil pipelines the First Amendment, Second Amendment, the rule of law, and the Bill of Rights. I find it exhausting. We’re lost in a blizzard of lies. I’m not certain about anything. I will remain skeptical of everything uttered by all politicians, all government bureaucrats, all corporate executives, all central bankers, all media pundits, all religious leaders, all corporate paid journalists and especially Wall Street shysters.

There’s more at the link.  Recommended reading.

However, one wonders whether this might not be one of the reactions the mainstream media and the US ‘establishment’ want to produce.  If everyone gets so disgusted and fed up with what’s going on, doesn’t that, in a sense, hand a victory to the opponents of the Trump administration by default?

It’s going to take determination, hard work and pushback to resolve this, not surrender.



  1. I think an even likelier scenario would be for for the Democrat establishment to hand ANOTHER unearned nomination to Shrillary, thus provoking the voters to come out with an even louder F*ck You! at the polls in 2020.

    Keep telling the voters that Trump is the anti-Christ, while he quietly (ok, noisily) reins in the bureaucratic state and the economy takes off, and the voters (bless their black little hearts) are likely to decide to do the opposite of what their 'betters' tell them to.

    Well, I can hope.

  2. I won't disagree with Mr. Quinn or Schofield (above), but there may be another result somewhat less considered.

    Suppose, as more and more people follow Quinn's lead and increasingly disregard establishment sources – after all, when it becomes obvious they're thoroughly undependable as regards accurate and factual information, it's natural to seek sources not suffering that handicap – those unreliable sources, and the organizations and factions driving them, may become not just more shrill, some of the factions may more easily adopt physical action in an effort to "get their point across."

    We saw some of that in the pre- and post-election attacks on Trump supporters and the rioting in D.C. on inauguration Day. It would not surprise me were that to become more frequent, and should the authorities become less assertive in controlling it, the intended victims seek to ensure their own safety through other means.

    I doubt it would take a great deal to quickly reach a tipping point, and that will not turn out well for either side, but especially for the instigators and whomever supports their efforts.

  3. I'm tired of the deadly seriousness on all sides …

    Say something funny dammit, it wouldn't kill the lot of 'em … or would it?

    Right, let's get on with that. 🙂

    A die-hard Hillary supporter, a die-hard Trump supporter, a die-hard Communist, and a die-hard Anarchist walk into a bar …

    They're served many drinks, become seriously drunk, and start talking about politics.

    The Hillary supporter says, "I voted for Hillary because I believe in her policies!"

    The Trump supporter says, "I can't believe you could do that, but I voted for Trump because I believe in his policies!"

    The Communist supporter says, "Obviously you are all dupes of the capitalist system, but I believe that Trump will lead to the coming of the Second Socialist Revolution, and so I must support his policies, no matter how much I find them repellent."

    Everyone looks at the Anarchist, wondering what he thinks.

    "Oh, I didn't come in here to talk politics. I came in here with you to get you all drunk. My friends are outside with baseball bats, socks full of quarters, and beer bottles they're going to break off in your insides if you don't give us all of your money, and since you are in no condition to put up much of a fight …"

    The Hillary supporter, the Trump supporter, and the Communist supporter say in unison, "HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?"

    "While you've been fighting with each other, I decided that I could get some help so we can enjoy your beer money without you. Now pay up or get messed up."

    The Anarchist takes their money, pays off the bartender, and gives him a huge tip.

    "Always a pleasure doing business with you, Anarchist!"

    The Communist gets wise to this scheme and asks the Anarchist a question.

    "If I come over to your side, do you think I could enjoy some of that beer with you?"

    "SURE! We have plenty of political dupes to fleece here! But since we don't really believe you, you'll have your first beer with one of our recently converted Fascists!"


    "HA HA HA HA HA … you sucka, you didn't really think I was an Anarchist? You've been drinking with Fascists all night!"

    "But what about the Hillary supporter and the Trump supporter?"


    "But then you took everyone's money and collectivised it … so you're really Communists!"


    "But I can't take a word that any of you say seriously!"

    "Ah, yes, that's because we're comedians, and this is Political Candid Camera."



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