The Antifa agenda: urban civil war


The intentions of those behind Antifa and Black Lives Matter are becoming much clearer, thanks to the training materials they’re circulating and other sources of information.  American Greatness has just published a useful guide about what to expect after (and perhaps during) the elections in early November.

As a heavily contested Election Day approaches, it is crucial for both conservative activists and officials in law enforcement to understand that left-wing organizing for direct-action and “nonviolent” civil disobedience is being planned by career organizing professionals working within well-funded, interlocking organizations.

Americans watching videos of Black Bloc activists tearing apart Portland, Seattle, or other cities are seeing the results of thousands of training sessions, budgets in the tens of millions, and a carefully mapped radicalization process as extensive as those used by Islamists or any other ideological on-ramp toward extremism.

. . .

Any legitimate objections or potential lawsuits challenging election law violations or seeking to identify alleged voter fraud will be seen as totalitarian election meddling.

In this understanding, any Trump victory will be treated as a “coup.” This is a new and radical thread that runs through similar documents and statements from anti-Trump partisans in left-wing organizing and media alike, from more mainstream groups like the Transition Integrity Project to Antifa. A candidate being declared the projected victor—what was once a completely normal tradition of America’s election night drama—has been transmogrified, through intense hatred of the president and indulgence in projection, into an authoritarian scheme justifying extraordinary measures.

It’s unsurprising, then, that groups like Shut Down DC plan demonstrations beginning on Election Day. It proposes an initial occupation of Black Lives Matter Square in Washington on the evening of the election, November 3. Shut Down DC plans multiple disruption operations from November 4-7, aimed at preventing the Trump campaign from declaring an election day victory. From November 8-11, the focus shifts to Capitol Hill, as Congress is expected to return for the lame-duck session.

The days and weeks leading up to the election are crucial, too … Local, state, and federal law enforcement tasked with responding to upcoming unrest should be particularly aware of individuals conducting surveillance and reconnaissance of likely targets within the next 7-14 days. The project has been soliciting and recruiting affinity groups seeking to participate. The online registration form coyly warns participants not to include any “incriminating” information about their plans.

. . .

Come November 3, we are likely to see the full force of this industry at work. The media will show the streets appear to creak with both Antifa agitators and protestors, possibly with claimed numbers in the millions. It will be said they are normal, patriotic Americans outraged about the election, furious at Donald Trump. Conservatives must be prepared to recognize what they are seeing as a form of theater—the product of decades of infrastructure, tens of millions of dollars in funding, and the work of tens of thousands of direct-action tacticians, public relations flaks, and professional organizers.

An elaborate stage show is being choreographed right now to play out on America’s streets designed to convince both regular citizens and opinion-makers that a scary authoritarian regime has just seized power and extraordinary measures are justified in removing it. We cannot fall for it.

There’s more at the link.  Essential reading, IMHO.

It’s important for all of us to understand what’s going on, and make our plans accordingly.  We, as private citizens, can’t do much (if anything) to stop this nonsense, except to support law and order as often and as effectively as we can.  We should also prepare to deal with the consequences of such unrest.  That can range from getting out of areas likely to be targeted, to making preparations to defend our loved ones, homes and property.  We’ve written about that in these pages on more than a few occasions recently, so I won’t bother repeating that information here.

I think we’re in the calm before the storm.  When the storm arrives, may it find us ready, willing and able to take care of business.



  1. They left out that social media is going to declare Biden the winner and shut down all disent, including locking out Trump on twitter, when the polls close

  2. Staying out of trouble is a good plan BUT I expect Trouble will likely seek you out.

    That said got your Chaos Kit ready? You have about 10 days until the festivities start and just like a known Hurricane getting some stuff after it starts will be expensive and ahhh hard.

    Cross posted as I don't want to retype it.

    A much shorter version of the Chaos Kit article I lost via CAPCHA

    Know that your home is going to get damaged in the near future. Winter storms, power outages, stray bullets, attempts to throw objects through your windows, fires both from home made heat sources and arson from “Peaceful Protestors” and so on.

    Have the tools and materials put away where you can find them in the dark, in a hurry maybe while having a weapon on your person. Establish and practice SOP’s for various situations. From my two + decades in active duty nothing beats confusion and fear like a practiced battle drill.

    What does that mean Michael? Glad you asked. A short story:

    It’s O’ dark 30, it’s a stormy night, a a glass breaking crash occurs in the living room. You awaken slip on your Bedside Ready Clothing and Slip On Shoes (so you don’t cut your feet on the broken glass and the frozen wind blowing in your home) , grab your loaded personal defense weapon, a strong flashlight (with fresh batteries) to check it out. PER your Family SOP and Practiced by all involved Mom has her Personal Defensive Weapon and is securing the children’s rooms. You determined it was a tree branch thrown by the storm through your window. You inform Mom, and get out your large roll of Heavy Duty Clear Plastic sheeting, the fasteners , the wooden strips, the hammer etc. and deal with it. Later after the sun rises you notice a bit of tree damaged your roof. You get out the tarps, rubber washered roofing nails, the ladder and hammer and fix it.

    It’s been a few days since the *Still* contested Elections. Folks are getting weird. Mom didn’t want to go all “Mad Max” before BUT smoke from the neighborhood across the valley from the burnt homes has her understandably freaked out. She doesn’t want a Molotov through the windows. Lowes has been empty for days from panic buying BUT you had Already had bought 1 inch by 2 inch welded wire fencing, measured and cut for the windows along with the fasteners (extras and extra bits as Mr. Murphy is a bastard) an a fully charged cordless drill (with a fresh spare battery). You, your wife and your Oldest standing watch get the windows covered ASAP. Happily you also bought fence posts, 2 X 4’s and tools to make “Airlocks” to protect the pretty weak doors and that sliding glass door from visitors.

    A stray bullet cracked your wood stove or your ally neighbors stove or stove pipe. Smoking them out. You get out your stove cement and fiberglass tape and fix it.

    It’s thinking well beyond the heroics of fighting for Team Freedom and being able with forethought, skills, some stored supplies (AND can find them and the tools under stress and in the dark) as well as GETTING your family into the action with SOP’s for situations.

    This SHOULD include Duress Codes. Mine is referring to my family members by both there name and middle name. They know something is NOT RIGHT.

    30 some days until this get REAL. Homes will get damaged, maybe even burnt out. Make realistic plans on how your family will respond to INCLUDE rally points if the house is burning. Where do they flee to to regroup? Do you have an ally to rally around? Do you have a buried cache with the needed things to aid you in surviving the nastiest of weather (Winter) when you had to flee with whatever was in your hands.

    Winter is coming. I could go on but don’t want to lose this again.

  3. Occurs to me that it would be a good time to beef up security at Eighth and I (offices of the Commandant of the Marine Corps).
    Introduce the Antifa, BLM, and assorted anarchists to our boys and girls who have spent a tour or three over in the sandbox.
    Side note: technically Posse Comitatus only applies to the Army and Air Force. The act does not specifically call out Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, or Space Force. And does not apply to National Guard or Air Guard when directed by controlling authority.
    I'd believe that would take but an executive order by POTUS to unleash a ton of whoop ass on violent protesters.

  4. I've been reading the "Preventing a Disrupted Presidential Election and Transition" document from the Transition Integrity Project. Like most socialist institutions, they are aimed at the complete opposite of their name.

    They war gamed four scenarios for the election and in all four, direct action to "fundamentally transform" the county is planned. Including both Biden and Trump victories.

    Something to bear in mind is they've been planning this basically since the last election. Just as the captured audio from a Google staff meeting said they swear, "we can't allow this to happen again." If they get their way, the Democrat socialists will never lose power again.

  5. Trump, when he's re-elected, should tell all mayors and state governors that there will be NO federal money to clean up and/or rebuild the cities they did not even attempt to prevent looting, burning… You let them break you; you have to rebuild it yourself.

  6. @Michael: "you had Already had bought 1 inch by 2 inch welded wire fencing, measured and cut for the windows along with the fasteners (extras and extra bits as Mr. Murphy is a bastard) an a fully charged cordless drill (with a fresh spare battery)."

    Good start, but it will probably need more, depending on how sporty your AO is. Commercial fireworks or a small pipe bomb with a few fish hooks on it will hang on the wire and blow out the window. If a molotov won't get in, a flare gun probably will. Having fire extinguishers and/or sand prepositioned probably wouldn't hurt.

  7. I have to agree Jimmy that there are ways around all defenses. That little story was an intro to THINKING-Planning and hopefully DOING something about the real world hazards of a Civil War in your area.

    Fire prevention will be critical as even the use of homemade heating devices every major storm creates many home fires. Candles + cats anyone?? BBQ's used indoors for heat. Yes as an EMS I have SEEN this level of dumb.

    My main concern is the huge amount of "I'll Dress up and Patrol and just shoot them" while my adoring family sits at home safe and sound nonsense I hear.

    I've seen ethnic cleansing during my time in Bosnia. I am quite the history nerd. The Russian and Chinese revolutions, the Spanish Civil War, the REAL History of the American Civil War.

    My main point is your Home and your family will be involved. Getting your family into the training loop NOW can reduce the trauma and unneeded losses when TROUBLE comes down your street.

    Are you sure today that if my little story occurs at YOUR HOME that your spouse will respond as planned to protect the kids while you investigate the window breaking? Can you RIGHT NOW grab a fire extinguisher or bucket of sand to put out that flaming nonsense at the base of your home?

    If you were sick from the flu and your family needed to get that balky generator going COULD THEY? Do they understand not to let in that "nice but cold little mother with a "baby" in the house as the winter storm howls out there? If that unknown "Mother" drops her prop baby and goes for a pistol it's going to get ugly.

    Much more to think about. Much to DO, Much training needed even in my own homestead. Never stop improving your defenses and work arounds when systems get damaged and fail.

    How many more days of relative peace and Amazon delivery do we have? I don't know.

    Today is the Good Old Days friend.

  8. "Today is the Good Old Days friend."

    As the Germans said in '45: "Enjoy the war, the peace will be terrible."

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