The bell tolls, and it’s getting louder


Friends, if you look around the world right now, you’ll be astonished at the level of unrest, riot, protest, violence and despair out there.  In country after country, ordinary people like you and I are finally realizing that they are being ground down – ground under – by the powers that be, and they have no option but to protest, or become food for the gigantic machine that’s trying to (quite literally) take over the world.

It’s the same machine everywhere.  Look at the governments of Canada, Holland, Australia, Germany . . . almost any country you care to name.  They’re all preaching the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” message.  They’re all trying to restrict (if not eliminate) the use of fossil fuels by the public at large, including making it as difficult and expensive as possible to own private transport.  They’re all trying to force their citizens into mass housing in big cities, and at least discourage private property (primarily by making it too expensive for people to afford).

The mainstream media is completely ignoring this international reality.  I defy you to find a single mainstream news bulletin that’s actually listing all the countries involved, and accurately describing the economic, social and political situation(s) in each that’s causing their people to rise up.  The list gets longer and longer almost by the day:  Sri Lanka, Pakistan, France, Panama, Albania, Italy … add your own names to the list, because there are more coming along all the time.  Follow those links for more information.

Ice Age Farmer, whose commentary on events with respect to food production and famine has been prophetic, puts the food crisis and related issues in a nutshell.  I strongly urge you to watch at least the first nine minutes of this video.  It’s mind-blowing in its implications.

It’s gotten so bad that Russia is openly, and quite unashamedly, trying to increase the international shortage of food – make the famine worse – in order to serve its geopolitical ends.  For a so-called “Christian” nation to openly embrace the starving to death of helpless millions is an extraordinary contradiction in terms, but there it is.  Realpolitik is still as self-interested as it’s always been.  Internal corruption in many countries is also playing a major role.  In Holland, for example, the corrupt links between politicians, businesses and major international supporters of the “Great Reset” such as Bill Gates are plain to see – so much so that it’s obvious the powers that be aren’t even trying to hide them.  They’ve become blatant in their corruption.  They simply don’t care that we know about them, because they think they can defy us to do anything about them.

The same can be seen in this country, in the scandals surrounding President Biden (“Ten per cent for the big guy!”) and his son Hunter.  They’re splashed all over the newspapers, but nobody does anything to stop them or shut them down, because too many others are also “on the take”.  The situation in Ukraine is also beyond a joke, with tens of billions of dollars being poured into what was once officially described as “the most corrupt country in Europe“.  Sundance points out why Ukraine is so important to our politicians in Washington:

In the bigger picture I don’t think many Americans outside the DC beltway give a flip about internal Ukrainian squabbles and Russia’s support for the Eastern Ukrainian independence effort.  However, inside the DC beltway Ukraine is very important, stunningly important, because Ukraine functions as the corrupt money laundry operation for DC politicians to receive taxpayer kickbacks from their financial support into Ukraine.

If you wondered why Nancy Pelosi led a delegation from the House of Representatives to Ukraine, to meet with President Zelensky… now you know.  I doubt it was out of admiration for Ukraine’s resistance to Russia.  It was almost certainly far more self-interested than that.

The situation around the world is in such flux right now, with unrest popping up here and there like some sort of geopolitical Whac-A-Mole game, that it’s almost impossible to predict what will happen next.  However, there’s no doubt about how bad things are.  Consider these headlines:

I invite those who don’t believe my warnings, or who think I’m overly alarmist, to read those articles for themselves.  Perhaps their words will persuade you that I’m really not way out there in left field.  I hope so, anyway.

This should also be more than sufficient evidence to persuade any informed observer that the problems aren’t just local.  They’re not limited or restricted to one country.  They’re worldwide, and the same nefarious, totalitarian forces are behind all of them, in every country.  They are not happenstance;  they are not coincidence.  They’re enemy action.

Michael Yon puts the situation into perspective.

The serious people of the world increasingly recognize that the cabal of evil including Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates are the Hitlers and Stalins of this semi-modern world. Comparison to Hitler and Stalin in no way implies a ‘violation’ of Godwin’s Law.

If anything, Hitler and Stalin may end as minor historical figures compared to what is unfolding.

It’s time to stop taking the bait and talking about the bullshit Global Warming scam and information war, the sex changes, pronouns, masking, death-vaxxines, idiots taking a knee as Kult salute, the terrorists of Black Lives Matter, and drug-addlers of ANTIFA, who all do bidding for evil psychopaths such as Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab. All that is not the topic.

When you have arson…you hunt arsonists. If you spend your life fighting fires (policy in this case), you will lose never realizing you had to neutralize the arsonist or he would burn down the earth.

Stop fighting the policy.

Fight the people using these policies to commit global genocide through fake vaxxines, starvation, war, and disease. Those same people push invaders across our borders.

. . .

The famines will come. The math is the math. More mouths than meals. And famine creates famine.

This growing resistance in Holland, Germany, and more, is late — and they are attacking the policy instead of the people who are intentionally doing this to commit genocide and forever control digital money, food supply, communications, and every breath we take they will be watching us.

Imagine Gates and Kult owning most food production. They can add any chemical they like to the cricket meatballs.

The things we are seeing now in the Netherlands are nothing compared to the wars and starvation of 2023-24. Nothing. Dutch inflation exploding while some people believe Turkish is already over 70%.

Countries are lining up to go Full Weimar.

This thing will collapse and go kinetic.

. . .

The farmers, fishermen, and truckers, are our profound allies. But fighting the policy at this point…we are way beyond mere policy change. This is Global 1848.

The Kult of Davos is open, they want Revolution. “Build Back Better” is their battle cry. Now they are in the Destroy phase.

At this point, there is no way to stop a cascade of Revolutions. The question is — who will win?

There’s more at the link, and I can’t argue with a word he says.  I think he’s absolutely right.

Lara Logan puts it well.  She’s talking about a specific incident, but her words apply just as readily to the situation around the world right now.

This is what a real seditious conspiracy looks like. Not the fake ones carefully crafted to manipulate & deceive Americans on BOTH sides of the aisle, not the false Russia-collusion op or the theatre of the Ukraine impeachment trial & so on. We have not experienced a more critical moment in living history & it’s time to see beyond the partisan divide so we can face the truth together. Our survival as a nation depends on it & if you’re still talking about Democrats & Republicans or worrying about what you might lose, then you’re on the wrong side of history. Sorry. The choice we face comes down to this: our children, their children & every generation that follows has nothing to live for if we don’t come together & fight – for the whole truth, for God & for freedom.

Amen!  That’s exactly what the people of Sri Lanka have now done.  They didn’t do so until it was too late to avoid actual economic collapse, but at least they’ve acted at last, and removed those who were trying to impose the “Great Reset” upon them.  Now we’ll have to see whether they can restore their country to what it should be.  You can be certain the WEF and its cronies will be doing their best to block their efforts, and keep Sri Lanka enslaved to their “Build Back Better” agenda.  One hopes and prays they won’t succeed.

As for us?  Gird your loins, read as widely as possible so that you understand what’s going on, and prepare to defend yourselves against this agenda as best you can.  That will include measures such as food and other reserves, and trying to position your family as strategically as you can to withstand what we know is coming.  Get out of places where you’ll be isolated from support.  Get to places where you’ll have greater support, and establish and reinforce mutual support networks.  If you think it’ll cost you too much to do that . . . what will it cost you if you don’t do that?  Put the problem in the correct perspective.

If you still think I’m crazy, and that all this is just hype and smoke and mirrors . . . then I honestly don’t know what to say to you, except to wish you good luck.  We’re all going to need it, but you’ll need it more than most.



  1. I have found that even folks who can grasp the evil you are writing about, even folks who have suffered greatly from the misdeeds of these global criminals, even those folks are sure that the next election will work.

    Most are too busy making ends meet to consider taking action.

    Most are too timid to consider taking action.

    Most are too weak to take action.

    Most are afraid of taking action.

    I have stopped trying to warn family and friends. I feel all that is left is to hunker down, keep my wife and as safe as possible.

    While certainly not hopeless or giving up, all hope is gone of this changing peacefully.

  2. Peter did you read the full text of the article by PJ about Russia "Starving folks"?

    Did you a little research beyond it? Aside from the obvious that Russia is at WAR with USA-NATO via the proxy war of Ukraine, so I take any information with a large grain of salt from either side.

    The Ukrainians Mined their harbors and have resisted any request to clear them so ships can use them. The Ukrainians have been proudly showing videos of their OWN choppers flying over wheat fields dropping anti-missile flares to set them ablaze. No saints on either side here.

    Russia gave up Snake Island as to show the world that food shipping could resume IF the Ukrainians were to de-mine and stop Harpoon Attacks on any shipping in the area.

    I'm sure Aesop will be posting an anti-Russian rant here in 3,2,1 but I look at Nations ACTIONS not their words. The USA is not the Good Guys here.

    Russia's efforts to avoid destroying bridges and railways over the past few months has cost them a LOT of manpower as they are used to resupply Ukrainian forces. But unlike the Shock and Awe destroy everything and flee the country US Methods they'd like a country with some infrastructure intact. NATO has been forcing the issue with open resupply of modern weapons vis those railways and bridges so slowly one by one the Russians cut those lines.

    Russia has been BLOCKED by Sanctions from shipping Wheat and such to Sri Lanka and their diplomats have been working on bypassing that for humanitarian reasons. As NY Slimes proudly put it Russian Shipping is being blockaded by sanctions.

    Russia has been shipping food to 3rd world counties at a serious discount as Russians understand having friends in the 3rd world is a good thing when your de-throning the US Dollar. Even Saudi Arabia is accepting Russian wheat and rubles in trades.

    As Michael Yon says it so well, we are PanFamWar Against the WEF. Or as I've called it Famine Wars and sorry to say the US and NATO are on the WEF side as their actions show. It's EU Leadership attacking Dutch Farmers. It's US Leadership shutting down US Oil and crippling our farmers.

    But that's all BIG Circles, things I cannot affect. They DO Affect me and mine. But you are calling for folks to DO stuff to protect their small circles like friends and family. 🙂

    Got 2 years food? Safe water? Trusted Friends? Then your miles ahead from most preppers let alone normies.

    Praying for wisdom

  3. Agree with Michael concerning Russia.
    We started this, and think it carries any weight when we complain about their response? If I were a Russki, I'd be trying to starve the West too, for supporting and harboring the WEF-types that were attacking my country.

  4. I would read Michael's comment very carefully, he is right. The Russians are not quite the boogeymen the press have made them out to be, our friends no, but certainly not the evil conquerors with no good reason to war either.

    WEF is important to battle but who funds WEF, which bankers and billionaires? That is the root which needs to be torn out.

  5. I now believe most don't want to know what's going on around them they are to busy(distracted). Does it scare them or they don't care? I do not know, just gonna do what I can do. Thanks for the write up.

    Aesop is correct don't know when but we will have to go full Sri Lanka as well.

  6. There is a huge amount of anti Propaganda and censorship, and it’s very hard to separate the truth from the lies.

    I take the famine weapon issue with a huge grain of salt.

    The West seems to be actually be more at fault, but I don’t know why. Seems insane to me.

  7. My wife grew up in Kazakhstan, and lived through the breakup of the USSR. By her own admission in telling the tale, there were weeks on end when they didn't know where their next meal would come from.

    YET… she INSISTS that can't happen here. And when her family's visited they laugh at my "grocery store" in the basement telling me "That can't happen in America". I counter with – through my wife's translation "In 1988 did you think the USSR would ever end"? And it still doesn't really register. 🙁

    People don't want to believe their safe and stable world could end. And they'll continue to DENY it until it hits them.

  8. I read, then re-read your your article several times. I've been following "the conflict" very closely. Please read Michael's comment very carefully. Please review the public knowledge about Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, I think you'll find him a far more "Christian" man than he's been pictured by most of the "Western media".

  9. It is time and past time that we realize that the full title of their grand and glorious plan is:
    "First we burn the existing society to the ground and then we can build back better."
    Everything we believe, all the rules we live by, the principles our Founding Fathers built this great nation on, all that must be destroyed as it is all anathema to the construction of their liberal progressive global world order paradise.

  10. I'm sticking with my new favorite phrase,"We are at July 1939 and no one understands what is really coming." No one involved in causing this cares or understands what they are unleashing. No one is in control and once the avalanche starts no amount of position papers or prestigious seats among the powerful will make any difference. No waving of hands or crying out will make any difference. I have done all I can to prepare, but no one can do enough to ensure safety or survival, too much is in the hands of luck or God or what ever you choose to believe in.
    I have tried to talk to others but the response I get is all too often,"we'll come to your house." I always explain that my house is in a very very dangerous area and I have developed facial recognition problems and may shoot people because I don't recognize them.

  11. @James:

    I have tried to talk to others but the response I get is all too often,"we'll come to your house."


    And when I ask them "So, while you've been off traveling or renovating or otherwise spending thousands of dollars while I've been frugal and prepping, what makes you think you're entitled to just show up and say 'TA DA! We're here!' and I'll just take you in and feed you"?

  12. We're already at war and have been since COVID emerged -the conflict does not currently involve kinetic weapons.

    Normalcy bias is a female dog. My wife is my touchstone here as she has told me she is flat at the end of her rope with everything, between COVID, layoffs, family members dying (not COVID) and the shenanigans that has brought about by other family members – I get it. After a certain point you have enough straws to break the turtle's back and the turtle just pulls his head in his shell.

    My family thinks I'm crazy but I know who I will accept and who I will turn away. None of my neighbors have approached me. I've approached them and so far they have been neutral at best or tried to get something off me with no reciprocation so far. Cheap at the price to find out about my neighbors-but no network so far.

    Once things get bad who do you express your pain to and how? Most people don't even know their local councilman, let alone how do you get the the Davos crowd. To too many people the normalcy bias means that Russians and White Right Wing Supremacist's are the enemy. People tell me I'm crazy when I say we provoked Russia by encouraging Ukraine's request for NATO membership. Boarder countries have been a hot button for 50 years, and I was taught this 35 years ago. Why would Europe put sanctions on a country on whom they rely for energy? I would have expected them to roll over and say "you want it, take it – just keep the lights and heat on this winter." But the EU leadership launch economic war (sanctions) with no plans if Russia reciprocated.

    This is what the Davos crowd wants – a breakdown of trust in government and our neighbors and of even our own families. Our financial system is breaking down and will take down medical care, retirements, savings, food distribution, etc. We are already at War, it is Yon's PanFaWar. We started 2 years ago with the Pandemic. Now famine has been engineered in along with Economic collapse. We are going full goat rope.

    My fear is not a Civil War of red versus blue but complete anarchy as all trust is broken. We declared war with Russia via sanctions and supplying arms. However, TPTB say Russia Evil for cutting off Energy, Minerals and Food. 5th generation war is fought on all fronts including economic (see Sherman and his march to the sea). Russia knows they are at war and the majority of the West have no clue we are at war.

    I estimate 60-70% of people voted for Trump, but most believe it was around 50%. Even though Constitutionalists are in a position of strength most can not see or believe it. We have been taught to go along with the vote (My mother has said there were some irregularities, there always are – but there wasn't cheating) and when the vote was adjusted Normalcy bias prevents us from recognizing the Civil War has started. It is not Red vs Blue, it is Govt. vs. Citizen.

  13. Oh please, Michael.

    That's so facile its embarrassing.
    Russia gave up Snake Island because they got tired of holding a point of land of little strategic importance, while their troops there were rocketed and bombed daily, with nowhere to hide, and resupply about as likely as the French Army breaking through to Dien Bien Phu.

    The Ukrainians mined their harbors to prevent Russian invasion fleets from using them. This is kindergarten-level obvious, even for short-bus kids.

    They have shelled every square meter of Ukraine they've taken to rubble, then bounced the rubble, because it's the only tactic they've got, and the only reason they spare roads and bridges is because they lack the tactical ability to motor cross-country without getting bogged down in the infamous springtime mud there, and they need them for their own attempts to advance This is Tactics 101.

    Russia has been blocked by sanctions from selling anything to anyone, by 90% of the countries of the world, for a brutal, pointless, inexcusable, and ultimately unwinnable invasion of a sovereign nation, and you're busily painting happy faces on their tanks, and telling us they're really the Ukrainians' friends, and the world's best hope.

    Puh. Lease.

    Send Putin a valentine if you must, and register as a foreign agent, but please, by all that's obvious, stop peddling Baghdad Bob-level press releases as received wisdom. It's beneath you.

    When Russia returns their forces to inside the international borders they freely agreed to in 1990, we can talk about their motives. If Ukraine was gun control, this year's invasion (#3 by Russia of Ukraine if you're keeping score at home) is the AWB of 1989. After the GCA, and the NFA. All they want is half of Ukraine's cake. Over, and over, and over. And the average Ukrainian citizen isn't buying the happy gas.

    Our part was to instigate the conflict to wag the dog, and get Emperor Poopypants' incompetence off the front page 24/7/365. That cunning plan exploded in their faces, pretty much like everything they touch, and the experiment got out of the lab and is running wild, because they never thought two, three, or four steps down the road after "war takes up media space".

    But that doesn't make Russia good for falling for it, or prosecuting it long after their original objectives proved unattainable, in Vlad's lifelong quest to restore his own beloved and lamentably collapsed Soviet Empire back into being, and damn the cost to Russia, or everyone else, including repeatedly threatening half the world with a global thermonuclear war.

    That's in the dictionary under "megalomania".

    And when you have a frothingly crazy guy with a bottle of vodka in his other hand waving a gun around a party and shooting up the chandeliers and mirrors, people tend to want to put a bullet in his head first, and leave gentle discourse for somewhere down the road, with saner heads of state.

    Absent Russia's invasion, there's no food crisis.

    And there's no way to walk that reality back to the status quo ante, no matter how much lipstick one tries to slather on the Russian pig.

    You're cheering this on, because you think Russia starving Europe and trying to freeze them out will make them more pliable.

    What it's really going to do is ensure that Putin starts going through food tasters faster than his regiments are going through conscripts, and they'll be stacking their bodies outside the Kremlin walls by the dozen in short order.

    Nothing like an internal and/or external coup within a nuclear power to make the world a safer place, right?

  14. Lotta BS contained herein. Here's an example:

    It is not true that Russia has blockaded Ukrainian ports. Ukraine mined its own ports. To date, Russia has cleared two lanes of shipping to allow export of grain.

    This article is pure Western propaganda. Keep supporting the most corrupt NAZI's in the world while Washington launders its Billions.

  15. @Stuart: As we said in these pages right at the start of this war, don't believe the propaganda from either side. Both Ukraine and Russia are monumentally corrupt and completely untrustworthy. If either or both of them told me Monday was the day after Sunday, I'd instantly fact-check them against a calendar. If the calendar agreed with that, I'd probably distrust the calendar!

  16. Thanks for the update, Stuart. Michael needed the assist, apparently.

    This is the first I've heard of anyone characterizing the Russian offensive as a grain-exportation assistance exercise.

    Doubtless the Russian cruiser-cum-submarine Moskva was only in the area to protect that precious grain transit to the free world, when it suffered an unfortunate fire in the ammunition bunkers, amirite?

    So that begs the question of Why, praytell, did Ukraine mine in its own harbors, d'ya suppose…??

    Shout out the first rational explanation that comes to your mind since February 24th…

    For an encore, tell us about all those Russian baby milk factories that keep exploding on the periphery of Ukraine. Such an ongoing tragedy.

  17. LOL my sides are hurting Aesop. Such cutting and wise commentary.

    Rational explanation from the feebleminded old Michael.

    #1 Ah, mines in their harbors? They are at WAR? Pity the Russian invasion was Overland.

    #2 keep cheering about the Cowards In America (CIA for the unobservant) destroying misc. targets as that's about all they seem able to strike.

    BTW Aesop since you brought that up, how's the BABY Milk doing here in America the Strong and Brave? Hint despite our much-vaunted Baby Formula Flight from Europe the stocks are at ALL TIME LOWS.

    Awesome, Well played. WE are the Ongoing Tragedy as YOUR OWN Blog Postings show.

    So, answer me this oh wise Aesop.

    What has Putin done to you? Please be specific, including any inappropriate touching of you using this doll.

    Has He made your gasoline prices to skyrocket? (Or are you going to quibble about the term skyrocket?)

    Did he force the Sock Puppet to do any of his destructive EO's and drooling behaviors that have been reducing our country into a laughingstock? (Or are you going to quibble that we are AMERICA the Powerful and..)

    Your blog is calling. At least there you've given up on Russia bashing there for a while.

    To say on subject of this thread

    Trusted friends, skills, stored foods (I suggest 2 years plus) a couple of sources of safe water (City boy living in a water desert, eh?) will get you through the Famine Wars that we are CURRENTLY in the early stages of FAR better than arguing military football scores.

  18. I posted a comment the other day but for some reason it did not post. Here is the long and short of it.

    All over the internet wild word warriors call for us to rise up. Rise up against the tyrants who have stolen the "election" there by stealing our country and destroying the republic. To arms, to arms, the globalist cabal is coming. It is time to grab your rifle and come to meet upon the village square. Yet they still sit at their computers and type away.

    Are things bad? Yes. Are they going to get worse? Yes. But they are going to have to get much worse before the peasants pick up their pitchforks and storm the castle gates. Until there is virtually no food to be had, no fast food places to get that cheeseburger, no video games to play, no television to watch, no EBT, no ATM and yes no internet for word wizard warriors to put out their call to arms the people will do little more than bitch and complain.

    Is there nothing that can be done? Probably nothing to stop the collapse that is already well underway unless God intervenes.But why should He when we as a nation have long since turned our backs on Him. Even the churches seem more concerned with their 501c3 status than the souls of those who still attend on a regular basis. There has always been a price to pay when a people turn away from God.

    Here at Road's End Sanctuary we continue to tend to and expand our gardens. Our greenhouse project will be completed by the first part of September. We have added a dozen more ducks and a pair of geese to our flocks. We already provide four families besides our own with weekly eggs from our chickens. The 10 tray dehydrator ran all last evening drying basil and other herbs. We will spend our time continuing to prep and pray.

    Southern Prepper 1 has been posting Boots on the ground videos with reports of shortages and supply chain issues around the country and the world. I emailed him saying we are not seeing major outages here but prices are rising. Eggs can still be found in the stores for under $3.00 a dozen. boneless chicken breast can be bought for $1.79 per pound, center cut pork loin for $1.79/lb and 80/20 ground beef at $3.59/lb. We do not see the shortages or limits on items we saw in peak covid panic. I do not see people panic buying and my only concern is the lack of shortages in this area may cause people not to ramp up their prepping because it can't happen here.

    I have given up preaching preparedness which I have done in the past through an organization I belonged to with free seminars to civic and religious groups. All too often it falls on deaf ears. So we spend our work the homestead and take refuge in knowing that it is all in God's hands.

    A post worth the 20 minutes or so the video takes showed up in my inbox this morning.

    May God bless you and keep you…

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