The Biden administration’s economic policies…


… remind me very uncomfortably of an older evil.

The highest inflation rate since the Carter administration?  87,000 new IRS agents and bureaucrats?

What’s the old saw?  “If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck”.




  1. The last Czar was finally overthrown, by Bolsheviks starting, then deliberately losing, WW1.

    The assassin who killed the neighbor's head of state is blamed for starting the world war. He was a member of a group the purpose of which was to secede Serbia, a member state within the Austrian empire.

    But that ''Free Serbia'' gang had been infiltrated by the Czar's secret police, so went (and so goes still) the conventional wisdom, because Russia wanted a war with Austria but wanted Austria to start it.

    And hence the Czar's secret police set up the assassination, which caused the war the Czar wanted, which then of course accidentally broke out into WW1, out of which came the Czar's defeat and overthrow, and the revolution that created the Bolshevik USSR.

    So the Czar really screwed up, didn't he? Got his family murdered, let Germany defeat Russia, and surrendered, destroyed, the Romanov dynasty, all to make way for his own anathema: a state of Communism.

    But what if decades later, during the turmoil of the USSR's Chapter 11 bankruptcy, some documents were exposed that proved that those Czarist secret police that set up the archduke's assassination, were actually Bolsheviks who had infiltrated the Czar's secret police?

  2. "Sticking someone’s name after a quotation is not a source. It’s an attribution. An attribution is the claim that needs verification. A source is a document written by the alleged author, or recorded by a credible contemporary witness, that contains the relevant passage." –– Robert A. Heinlein

    Or maybe that was Daniel Bier on his blog. I'm not sure. It would be at the site if so.

    The best debunking I've found of the and sourcing of Lenin as the source for ""The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation."" is this article:

  3. Whoever said it first, it certainly is true. Pre Chavez Venezuela had the highest percentage of middle class in Latin America. Guided supposedly by Castro he eliminated it and here we are.

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