The Biden scandal and Big Tech’s censorship – Big Brother writ large


Once again, Tucker Carlson hits one out of the park.  You really need to watch the whole of this video clip.  There isn’t a minute of it that isn’t important.  If the embedded video doesn’t work, you’ll find it on YouTube here, or at Fox News here.  You can read an edited transcript here.

Please circulate this video among your friends and acquaintances.  It contains cold, hard truth, and should be mandatory viewing for every voter this election cycle.

Larry Correia has some pungent and pithy thoughts on Big Tech’s censorship of the story.

Joe Biden potentially doing sleazy s*** isn’t the point … the really Orwellian thing was what came next, when the big soulless social media megacorps tried to squash the story in the most ham fisted way imaginable.

They didn’t just squash the story. They squashed the story and then bragged about it in public. They declared the story to be “harmful” (as in harmful to the election prospects of their chosen candidate). And they cited some bullshit reasons about why they couldn’t share this story, even though they were happy to ignore all those same rules repeatedly whenever it was a breaking story that hurt Trump.

Supposedly they can’t allow the sharing of a story that makes Biden look bad because the information was “leaked”… except they were gleefully sharing Trump’s leaked tax info last week, and before that Russia Collusion nonsense wasn’t so much a leak as a high pressure lawn sprinkler. That was totally okay.

. . .

That would be bad enough, but then it got extra stupid! So while these evil media empires are pretending that they are unbiased and merely trying to “curate the truth”, they banned the White House Press Secretary! They stopped sitting US senators from sharing news articles. Then they banned the president’s reelection campaign nineteen days before an election!

If social media had banned Obama’s press secretary, and then stopped Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer from sharing articles from the New York Times, and then shut down the Obama campaign page nineteen days before his election against Mitt Romney, everyone would have lost their f***ing minds. And rightfully so! Because that kind of blatant manipulation of information is evil.

If I put that into a thriller my editor would tell me it was too far fetched. Nobody would buy into such mustache twirling villainy, even if I was writing cyberpunk dystopia.

. . .

… this is … something new, the likes of which mankind has never seen before, with these entities being the primary exchange of information for BILLIONS of people, so it’s kind of hard to put this thing which didn’t exist before into historical context. Facebook has no real competitors, and it has something like 2.7 billion regular users. With the flick of a switch it can stop a third of the Earth’s population from seeing whatever it doesn’t want them to see. Humanity has never had that before.

That’s real f***ing power right there.

. . .

I don’t give a s*** if you are liberal or conservative, the idea of some entity like Google determining what mankind is allowed to know or not know should terrify the s*** out of you. Free speech becomes a meaningless concept if only approved speech is ever seen. And if you are cheering this s*** on because right now it is helping your team score points against the other team, you are [a] fool. Because once they have that power it is only a matter of time until one of your beliefs ends up on the naughty list too.

. . .

The only good thing about this situation is that even though Facebook and Twitter are trying to monopolize the flow of information, they are still bad at it. This week’s attempt at shutting down the New York Post’s expose will probably go down as the biggest Streisand Effect in history. Their painfully obvious censorship will make far more people pay attention and lend credence to the report. Because after all, they wouldn’t try this hard to squish it, if there wasn’t some meat to it.

However, just because they are currently bad at being evil, doesn’t mean that what they are doing isn’t evil. They’re going to get better and better at controlling what you do and do not see. They will learn from their failures and be craftier next time.They are clearly trying to manipulate all of us, and though they sucked at shutting down this story, how many other times have they gotten away with it? How many times have these people hidden something important from you and you don’t even know it?

They decide what the narrative is. They decide what you learn and what you don’t. What do most of us do when we want to learn about a topic? We plug it into a search engine and read the results. Only they control the search engines. They write the wikis. They determine the truth, and then slide those fish hooks into your brain. Reality becomes whatever they say it is, and if you disagree and say that wasn’t how it was, they’ll just pretend that you’re crazy and it’s always been that way.

Information is power, and this tiny insular group holds power over the minds of the people so great that it would make emperors and god-kings weep with envy.

There’s more at the link.  Go read the whole thing.



  1. This is really not the worst thing they do. As pointed out, it was so ham-handed it was clearly wrong.

    The thing that needs to be investigated (as in by a trustworthy version of the FBI) is how Google is biasing search results. Lots of people have pointed out how different their suggested search phrases are compared to other search engines. Besides, Google is the only search engine so big, so well-known that their name has become the verb. To Google something is a common expression.

    A psychological researcher named (Dr.) Robert Epstein has worked on how a "Search Engine Manipulation Effect" changes outcomes in elections. That's simply by changing those "autocomplete" search suggestions and by putting unfavored candidates on pages 5 and below. Nobody goes there. Dr. Epstein believes Google can shift 15 million votes with their manipulation. Seems like 15 million votes spread around swing state precincts could blow an election. The worst part about this is it's completely untraceable without recording software because it disappears when the search is over. It's completely ephemeral.

    There was a leaked video that showed a Google employee meeting soon after election day of 2016, in which the leader of the meeting said, “we're never going to let this happen again.” Excuse me? “never going to let this happen again?” And who the f*** are you?

  2. Does Facebook and Twitter count as press or journalist or they private corporations that can publish or refuse to publish what they want?

    Is Big Tech the same as Big Media?

    I'm not sure of the answer on that.


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