The call for “school choice” may be an extremist trap


I prefer to post transcripts of videos whenever possible, because most of us can read and comprehend far faster from them than from sitting through a presentation.  Unfortunately, in this case, there’s no transcript available:  but I thought the subject, and the presenter’s insights, were so important that I wanted to blog about it anyway.

In this video, James Lindsay discusses the hidden dangers behind the “school choice” movement.  It’s described as follows:

School choice is an important component not only of liberty and improving educational outcomes but also of defeating the Woke Marxist influence in our schools and upon our children. It isn’t so easy as making the money follow the child or the backpack however. School choice legislation has to be smart, and it has some challenges in need of clever solutions before we blunder ahead into a trap the Woke Marxists are setting for us. In this episode of New Discourses Bullets, James Lindsay spends a few minutes breaking down the challenges and pitfalls of bad school choice policy by explaining how it will fail to solve the essential problem and might even walk our communities and our children into a Woke trap even worse than what we currently see in the public schools.

Having watched and listened to the video, I think it’s an important contribution to a debate that affects every family in America.  I highly recommend that you take eleven minutes to watch it, and hear for yourself.

Food for thought, isn’t it?  I find the same with most of the discussions at New Discourses, and I recommend you take a look at that Web site for yourself.



  1. New Discourses is a very deep dive, but worth it, in order to understand the underpinnings of the current intellectual and culture battles. Worth following his podcast and listening to all of it if you have the time.

  2. As ever, there is what you mean by School Choice, and what they mean by "School Choice".

    They (for any value of that word) never have your desires, nor your childrens' best interests, anywhere in mind.

    In fact, anything they don't want is never even a remote consideration.

    School Choice should consist of burning the whole thing down, and walking away, and shooting the first sumb***h that suggests re-inventing it right in the face, as a default setting.

    You've got kids? Educate them yourself. It's your problem. Just like it was for all of recorded history.
    Then all the busybodies have to either produce, or get productive jobs, and you take Karen's clipboard away from her in perpetuity.

    Glorious liberty, forever, in one move!

  3. VERY interesting selections at that site. Not sure if I will live long enough to finish my travel through Dr. Thomas Sowell's writings, however. He's never written "a fast read."

  4. We sent our children to private Christian school 4K-12th grade.After sending them to a college 45 miles away, we haven't seen them much since. They text their Mom and me on Mother and Fathers Day…and we sat down for a ZOOM Christmas 2 years ago. But we've been blocked on Facebook and all. Haven't seen my girls in person in 4 years. They both enjoy their face piercings. Ok…we're in our mid 60's so no matter if they decide we're worth their time , we've still lost time that can't be recovered. Liberal and BLM are much more important than an old disabled Vet and his Christian Wife.OK…I said that, sad and disgusted. But , thankfully my Wife has taught me to be happy you have to be happy and it actually works,much of the time. GOD bless you all.

  5. Strings being attached to funding is a significant risk.

    Also, see the current effort by the Biden administration to cut the legs out from charter schools (they must partner with a normal public school and show that the public school is overcrowded, i.e. "certificate of need")

    David Lang

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