The clash of cultures, and the Beast that drives them


Michael Yon gets his existential and mythological wookie on, and then some.  Having (like him) experienced many, many different cultures, I think he’s probably right on the money.  I’m not even going to excerpt this – I’ll just republish the whole thing.  It’s too good to shorten.

03 August 2022

Götterdämmerung am Styx, Germany (a new mythological place)

Mind Dump, Sans Edit

As a people, Germans are smarter than most. But there is a catch. A firmware glitch. A psychological deep-sea current.

We normally sail on the surface. Sailing with and battered by the Great Winds of Zeitgeist. The Zeitgeist sometimes whipped powerful intellectual waves and may flip the boats of entire nations, such as Panama.

Deep beneath the Zeitgeist Winds, and the Intellectual and Emotional Waves, are the steady currents of mythology. A silent but most potent and steady predictor of where a boat or its pieces ultimately travel.

There are many mythologies. And here among Germanic tribes — which still exist under the surface — is Götterdämmerung. Ragnarök. An apocalyptic myth that includes bitter, freezing winters followed by famine. Social destruction. Abandonment of truth, honor, courage, and loyalty at all levels, including within tribe and family.

A study of mythology is crucial to sense the deeper currents.

Related: much of the western world has welcomed decisive numbers of people from cultures with incompatible mythologies. With fundamental firmware conflicts. They never will assimilate. Period.

This means yet a deeper war of the myths will eventually broach the surface. These often result in genocide after a previous war exposes firmware conflicts, leading to myths and cultures picking sides.

For instance, the Armenian Genocide. Ask the Turks to tell their side of the story. Listen closely. Turks will often tell a story of how they lived in peace with Armenians until the Big Bad Wolf came. The Russians. And Armenians living among Turks sided with Russians.

To be clear, I am not saying which side, if any, is most truthful or accurate. I have no idea. But I do travel to places and listen.

There are Forbidden Topics. Nobody dares even listen to all sides. There is the topic of Sinophobia, Jewish Persecution, and more.

In my travels, I see patterns. Cultures that form anthroinsulae (human islands — cultures within cultures) may get along perfectly for centuries. And then comes a Big, Bad Wolf.

And suddenly, the minority culture (anthroinsula) within the culture sides with the Big Bad Wolf, or is opportunistically predatory against the dominant culture with whom they lived for generations.

This presents an incredible danger for the anthroinsula who sides with the Big Bad Wolf. If the Big Bad Wolf is vanquished, the anthroinsula faces genocide for siding with the Wolf-invader, or for behaving opportunistically during the time of crisis.

The anthroinsula often presents a systemic threat to the host culture anthroinsula sides with The Wolf, or just goes predatory during times of weakness.

Genocide sometimes results from defense or cultural revenge.

Conditions for cultural revenge have been set around the West, including across America. And now we face a Big Bad Wolf. Chose wisely. The currents beneath are powerful, unrelenting, and merciless. Losing is final.

Meanwhile, the very smart German tribes — smart on the surface but mythologically doomed underneath — are flowing with their mythological firmware into yet another oblivion.

Witness the decision to create energy dependence upon the Russian Wolf. The German dominant-myth forces selbstkrisis. The tribes know, deep down, that the crisis will lead to more genocides within Europe.

Conditions were set with great intention.

And now, across Europe, are invasive cultures en masse who are already licking their chops for German lives and property.

The situation could not be more serious.

All this stuff — the energy, the food, the other intentional crisis, is in service to apocalyptic mythology.

Japan should take note. Slam borders to any significant numbers of cultural dilution. Stay Japanese. Wave your flag. Burn the rainbow-death-cult flag. Flag of the Beast.

The dark energy creating blackout is the dark energy of dark mythology. Fairytales are told by The Beast to children, who then act out and become the myth.

Consider our own invaders – mostly from South America, but including some from every continent – flooding unchecked across our southern border.  About two million per year are coming in, and that’s a minimum.  It could be three million, or even four.  We don’t know, because the Biden administration has abdicated almost all border controls, and isn’t counting them.  All we can be sure of is that they probably won’t be worth having among us, because most of them began their residence by breaking US law.  If their very first act on US soil was a crime – illegal entry – I don’t hold out much hope that they’ll reform.

There are also some legal immigrants – those who claimed refugee status – who have refused to integrate into American society.  The Somali enclave in Minneapolis, and the Muslim enclave in and around Dearborn, are just two that come to mind.  There are many others.  They’re as much part of the problem as illegal aliens.

It’s an invasion.  There’s no other word for it.

Not one of these alien invaders, legal or illegal, shares, or has any loyalty to, our culture or our way of life.


Yet, these invaders are “licking their chops” to have what Americans have – if necessary, by taking it away from Americans, by hook or by crook.

The progressive left is either oblivious to this, or don’t care, or think that’s a good thing.  They’ll even tax the rest of us to give away our substance to the invaders.

Those of us with some common sense left – and something to lose – know this is a disaster in the making.

There’s only one way to prevent that disaster, and that is to prevent the appropriation of America’s substance by those who have no right to it.  That, in turn, means we should not be aiding and abetting those who have no right to it and/or refuse to assimilate into our society.  We should, instead, be keeping them out, and expelling those who’ve already entered.

Our current politicians won’t do that.  It’s going to take other, stronger measures.

In that sense, we should be watching very, very carefully what happens in Europe . . . because it’ll come here too, and before too long at that.

What are we going to do about it when it does?



  1. People will point in all directions, but as a guess, I'd say we're going to kill them all, every mother's son of them, and keep going until we hit the Panama Canal, just to drive the point home.

    And then re-introduce buffalo there, and ban settlement from the Rio Grande south in perpetuity.

    And they'll spend the next millenium afraid to venture out of the South American jungles for dread of Round Two.

    But that's just a guess.

  2. Or like many other cultures in history, we get wiped out.

    Cultural wars are not always successful.

    Ask the Romans

  3. This is paraphrased from recent posts I've seen on quite a few blogs and other sites:

    "The Obama/Elite tactics of increasing racism and illegal immigration are bearing evil fruit. Tribalism on steroids. If you aren't kin, friend, the same color or speak the same language you will be the Other."

    "For the chosen tribe that is over-represented in the leadership of TPTB causing this mega-crisis, any sympathy that you have been making bank on and weaponizing for the last 8 decades is running low. Evil doesn't justify evil."

    "The poop is going to hit the oscillating device."

  4. But I thought "Diversity is our strength". Hypothetically the only way to put an end to this mess would be to close the border, put the military on the borders with shoot to kill orders for anyone who tries to enter, put a moratorium on all immigration, round up all illegal immigrants and deport them never to return, review all legal immigrants and deport those who will not assimilate and deport or execute all politicians & bureaucrats who have supported open border diversity.

    Now since no one would ever consider advocating such a policy it is time to admit that the republic is doomed. Balkanization is the most likely what the future holds and it will not be a peaceful separation. A situation similar to what was presented in Lind's "Victoria" is quite possible.

  5. The future contains:
    "Mountains of skulls, rivers of blood, and oceans of tears."

    This future is caused by:
    "There is no law, only Zuul."

    Demography is destiny. The future belongs to those who show up.

  6. I recall Charles Manson thinking the same thing, that after the race war, the "winners" would look to him for leadership…

  7. I tend to side with the pessimists.
    I've always been clear that I have great sympathy for the illegals. It's normal for the individual to do what is best for himself and his loved ones and there is no reason to love or have any sort of civic relationship with their host. And that means coming here.
    My position is that the fault lies with the cheats and utter gutter scum who employ illegal aliens and the hypocritical mob who patronize businesses like landscapers, most restaurants, construction companies, janitorial service organizations, house cleaners and home health care providers who employ 90+ % of the illegals in the US.
    Put simply, if you blindly claim to not support illegal immigration, and you patronize any business without sure knowledge of their employees, YOU are responsible for the results we see today.
    I am a hypocrite. I married an illegal, almost 20 years ago. It took only a couple of years of introducing the idea of civic pride for it to take root in her. Her blood relatives, still living well in the northeast where illegals control the service industries, have no love for her choices to integrate. It's a betrayal to them, and that makes perfect sense. At the same time, the closing of that door to her past was also the reason that she was able to embrace the idea of civic responsibility and pride. Her relatives? The leech does not love the leg it attaches to for sustenance.

    If we want to see who is at fault, down deep, it isn't our government. Grab a goddamn mirror.

  8. In all the hubbub over "Soros prosecutors," one could be forgiven for neglecting to mention that Soros and his infernal NGO's and foundations previously supported unfettered third world immigration to Europe, in the name of "humanity." Observe the results. One can only hope for his soonestest possible departure from the land of the living.

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