The coldest hot stuff out there?

A café in Scotland is serving what they claim is the world’s hottest (as in spiciest) ice cream.

The Aldwych Café and ice cream parlor launched a Valentine’s Day ice cream special called “Respiro Del Diavolo” (Breath of the Devil).

But the frozen treat is so spicy that customers must be 18 years of age or older and sign a legal waiver before it is handed over the counter.

Words in the disclaimer mention having the ice cream “could be a risk of personal injury, illness and possible loss of life.”

And staff at the cafe even need to wear gloves when they dish out scoops.

The handmade treat comes in at a whopping 1,569,300 SHU on the Scoville scale — a measurement of the pungency (spicy heat) of chili peppers.

It means the ice cream is 500 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.

There’s more at the link.

Here’s a few brave souls taste-testing the stuff.

I’ll pass, thank you very much!



  1. When I was in Edinburgh for the Military Tattoo last August I was SHOCKED at the large number of Mexican restaurants that popped up around the castle. Maybe 1 in 5 were Mexican. I will add that the food they served was much like the Mexican food I'd eaten in France – not recognizable as "Mexican" cuisine.

    Interesting post.

  2. Well, it is Scotland but . . . Tabasco is around 5k on the Scoville scale – this puts it in the Carolina Reaper range. Hot, to be sure, but not 'you need to sign a waiver' hot.

  3. It's in the UK. That's hot, but not unbearably hot, for confirmed chili heads.

    But after being warned how unbearably hot that Vindaloo Curry was in UK Indian restaurants (I'd usually rank it as "Spicy enough to taste, at least") I suspect that their scale for "hot" doesn't match my own.

    Then again, my wife and I *love* handmade Ghost Pepper potato chips that we sometimes find at a local farmer's market, even though we both break out in a sweat every time we eat a bag, so maybe it's our taste buds that are a bit off.

  4. I'd give it a try, but then I'm a Ghost everything person.

    One thing I don't understand, Ice cream cuts heat. That is what you usually use if you OD on heat.

  5. There's idiots who will do anything. I bet I could flavor ice cream as shit and still sell it to idiots who would want to eat it.

  6. There are limits (for me) where "hot" is all I notice. But there's a range below where "hot" is actually pleasant. And it's different for different people. I know people who think that supermarket mild salsas (so little spice I can barely detect it) are unbearably hot. And a few that can eat – and enjoy – things I find painful. I can (with caution) eat and enjoy raw Habaneros, but I find straight Ghost Pepper too much to handle.

    I'm not saying I'd enjoy this. I note that it's made *with* Ghost Peppers, not that it's necessarily hot as Ghost Peppers alone are. So this could be anywhere from "really hot, but good" to "I can eat only one bite at a time, and I'm crying". But I'd try it, just to see.

    I'd probably have a scoop of plain vanilla on hand in case, though!

  7. Why spicy ice cream? Just because we can, I guess, but that doesn't justify many things. If there is a God he should smite Scotland with a plague, maybe two, just to make the point that this adventure defies cosmic law. (joking about the if there is a God )

    Ice cream is supposed to be sweet and cold. Leave it alone. Now back to the Blue Bell Pecans Pralines'n Cream.

  8. There is a TV show on the Travel Channel called Man vs Food that sends an idiot around to all the restaurants who host food challenges. Sometimes it's a quantity challenge, five pound steaks or burritos the size of a small child that must be consumed in a given time limit, but increasingly it's some concoction with an astronomic Scoville rating.
    I've quit watching as the quantity challenges are in my mind simply a waste of good food, and the heat challenges have become televised torture sessions. I'm not willing to waste my time on either.

  9. Why would you eat that sh*t there are much better flavours than HOT'n SPICEY!! The real reason Mexicans love hot'n spicy is because of the bad food so hot spicey does the trick hides all the rotten bugs to boot!! HAVE YOU GOT IT YET!!!

  10. I'm no sure if pepper spray strength is limited in the UK, for civilian use. If so, this would provide a ready defence.

    Take care.

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