The crime wave as a precursor to civil war


Yesterday I put up a video clip of Ken Hackathorn.  I titled it “Staying alive in today’s urban crime and unrest“.  It wasn’t comforting viewing, to put it mildly.

Michael Yon sees the burgeoning crime wave in more sinister terms.

Civil War is not yet obvious to everyone. My estimate is civil war is not obvious to most Americans yet. This crime uptick is exactly and specifically one of the symptoms I have long warned about.

In context of current global and national situation, this crime wave is a symptom of something more intense, beyond crime. The economy is collapsing. Supply chains terribly disrupted. Fuel and fertilizer prices increasing. None of these trends have reversed, or even leveled.

During all these, somewhere around 2 million ‘migrants’ have crossed our border. Nobody knows the true number. It’s big. I have personally witnessed many.

As food prices skyrocket and shortages increase, crime will explode. Vigilantism will follow.

Another symptom will be REAL neighborhood watches, such as armed men setting up checkpoints. Rich people hiring actual militias.

Road blockages followed by mass murders and robberies targeting trapped passengers. This all is ‘normal’ in these situations. States with vibrant 2nd Amendment laws such as Texas and Florida likely will suffer far less outside of particularly dangerous areas. California and all the defenseless States will be perfect places for criminal migration.

Smart criminals with foresight who wish to strike their fortunes in the Great Blue Gold-Rush of 2022, will abandon testosterone States like Texas and Idaho, migrating to weaker soy States such as California, New York, and Massachusetts.

There’s more at the link.

He’s not alone in his forecast.  Effectively, “blue” states and cities – those controlled by Democrats – have given free rein to the criminals infesting their streets.  Politically correct prosecutors are soft on crime;  police are “defunded”, if not actively ordered not to interfere;  those who try to defend themselves and their property are demonized, if not actively retaliated against by the so-called “justice” system;  and, as Yeats would put it, “Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world“.

Sundance calls it “the Safari Rules“.

An inevitable evolution now takes place as rampant crime, violence and anarchy take over the municipal regions controlled by leftists and Democrats.  What is described, in the video excerpt from ABC news in Maryland, is what we have described as the “Safari Rules.”

As stunning as it may seem at first glance, the media are informing the public on how to behave when entering any area were Democrats are in charge of civil society.  It is important not to accept this new normal; instead think about this broadcast in the larger picture of what it represents.  The media no longer question if you will be attacked; the media are now advising us on how to mitigate our pending attack.  The attack itself is a foregone conclusion.

In essence, the underlying elements of the Safari Principle narrative begin with a pretense that victims of the mob, any mob or individual predator, have no one except themselves to blame because they did not follow the rules of the safari.  When in the proximity of any person, event or situation that is engaged in an unlawful act supported by the political left, you are not permitted to exit your vehicle or engage in activity that will lead to your targeting.

If you enter their “space to destroy“, you are to blame for your own outcome.  The safari narrative includes catch phrases like “he/she should not have gotten out of the car,” and “she/he shouldn’t have traveled to (fill_in_blank)”, or “he/she should have known better when…“, etc. 

. . .

None of this is accidental, this massive crime wave is an outcome of ideology.  However, and this is the important part to emphasize, unlike previous times when this cycle of violence took place – this time there is no capacity to reverse course.  There are no police or law enforcement left in these regions with the motivation or support to save you.

If you can leave, get out.  If you cannot leave, at least arm yourself while you still can.

Again, more at the link.

I have a number of friends and acquaintances in “deep blue” cities and states who shake their heads at such “alarmist” reporting.  In so many words, they all say “It’s not that bad where I live.  That’s the other side of town.  We’re safe here.”  I don’t know what makes them think that the criminals on the other side of town can’t very easily take a drive to their neighborhood whenever the fancy takes them.  (Vox Day points to a good example.)  Some cities are now so terrorized by crime that their citizens appear to have decided to roll over and play dead.  Seattle is a good example.  So is Portland.  So is Minneapolis.  A certain (high) level of crime is acceptable in the city, so long as it doesn’t become personal – so long as it doesn’t affect them.

I can’t help but agree with Mr. Yon.  All too often, a breakdown in law and order is a precursor to full-blown civil war.  I’ve also seen how the police and security services first stop trying to prevent the breakdown (out of sheer self-preservation), and then become part of the problem themselves, because if everybody else is getting away with it, why shouldn’t they?  That hasn’t happened in this country to any great extent yet, but I won’t be surprised if it does, in due course.  It’s happened almost everywhere else I’ve seen that progression.  (It may already have happened in Minneapolis.)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  If you live in or near a “blue city” or “blue state”, do yourself a favor and get the hell out of there before it’s too late.  If you can’t, for whatever reason, then prepare yourself, your family, your home and your neighborhood to defend what’s yours, because the time is, repeat, is coming when you’ll have to do so.  What’s more, it’ll be very hard to do so on your own, because the enemy will probably have the strength of numbers, and will act with a ruthlessness and callousness that will shock you.  You’ll probably need the support of family, neighbors and friends to withstand it.

Finally, go back and re-read my warnings from last year:  “Self-defense under a justice system that’s no longer on your side” and its follow-up articleThey apply now more than ever.



  1. Rookie Mistake: Assuming all of Califrutopia is San Fransh*tco.

    nothing could be further from the truth.
    Over half of Cali is redder than a sunburnt pig, including virtually everything east of I-5, from San Diego to Oregon.

    And even west of it, there's one helluva lot of well-armed folks. Try to recall where the rooftop Korean meme comes from.

    If the thugocracy tries to make this the CHAZ zone, they're going to get a fast ticket to talk that decision over with Jesus. Face to face.

    People will abide a certain level of b.s. while the semblance of law and order remains.

    Tear that thin tissue down, and try to go all jungle law, and you're going to get a rapid reminder of where Committees of Vigilance originated, and anyone attempting to take the side of the criminals in that equation will be thrown into the same sausage machine at muzzle velocity: police, D.A.s, judges: it won't make any difference.

    If the shiftless idiots keep pushing for a real life Lord Of The Flies, they're going to see what it looks like when ordinary folks rise up, roll up a newspaper, and swats them, when the new paradigm is ZFG.

    When headless torsos with "looter" and "robber" signs nailed to their sternums start decorating overpasses, the word will have been well and truly passed, and both appeals and recidivism under that paradigm are zero.

  2. I just read something about shortages of prison staff due to vaxx mandates in NY. I imagine the same thing is, or will be, happening in other states like CA, WA, OR, WI, and others.
    That got me to thinking about how those same states released "non-violent" criminals from prison early due to covid. Any bets that they are likely to release more criminals early due to shortage of prison staff, rather than drop the vaxx mandates and re-hire those who were let go for not complying?

  3. Just a few thoughts.

    Traveling armed is necessary.

    How many travel armed only with their CEDC (Concealed Every Day Carry)?

    A pistol selected for CCW is rarely the best choice for defense as it probably has a shorter sight radius, possibly a smaller magazine capacity, possibly a smaller caliber.

    Personally, I normally carry a heavier caliber handgun in the car along with my CEDC. A 1911 or a magnum revolver or a full size 9mm with a High capacity magazine (>15 rds).

    When traveling any distance I have a Skinner Sights case for a KelTec Sub2000, 3ea 30 rd magazines, a 92A1 with 6 EXTRA magazines.
    Either of the weapons will use any of the magazines.
    That's over 200 rounds loaded in magazines.

    Ballastics by the inch (an interesting website) lists my favorite Federal B9P (115gr JHP) also known as Hi-Shok or Classic, at 1265 fps from a 16" barrel (SUB2000) and 1166 out of a 5" barrel (92A1).

    The SUB2000 has a much greater chance of accurate fire at more than 50 yards than the handgun, plus a boost in velocity, plus the 30rd Beretta magazines.

    All in an easy to grab case about 18" long.

    For areas which frown on semi-autos with > 10rd capacity, I like a Rossi 1892 in .357 mag or .44 mag.

    My fiancée stopped asking why long ago (if she ever did), because I ALWAYS grab something more than my CEDC (which rides in a paddle holster inserted in the front of the seat right between my knees).

    The fastest reload is another loaded gun.

    More is better.

  4. We can pick at it by dealing with the street crime element. Or we can go to the source. Civil war, when it comes can be over quick if the elements of society that foment the problems are removed, forthwith.
    Don't piddle around. Go for the head of the snakes.

  5. I don't know if he's a Boomer, but @Aesop gives us an example of internet verbiage I call "Boomers fantasizing they're not pushovers". In this form of fantasy literature, 2A Americans reassure themselves that if the Commies take JUST ONE MORE STEP, Americans will finally rise up and stop letting the elite sodomize them. These daydreams are pure delusion, like the nerd runt who fantasizes about dominating the quarterback in front of the cheerleader.

    Reality: Americans aren't fighting against an elite injecting their children with poison. Americans will not fight against street criminals slaughtering their children, either. Americans will not fight against our progressive overlords throwing them into gulags. Today's Americans are effeminate submissives. No matter how much you humiliate them, no matter what you do to their children, modern Americans will never, never, never fight back. All those guns, all that ammo will never, ever be used. Americans have the guns but not the courage nor the higher purpose. In the near future, we will discover that there's NO LIMIT to how much abuse they will take. There will be no civil war, because the good guys have lost God, they have no courage, and there is absolutely nothing they will risk their lives for. There isn't even anything they'll risk their lattés for.

    The "ordinary folks" will not rise up; they have forsaken God and won't risk anything. There will be jungle, but no jungle law and no Committees of Vigilance. The only headless torsos will be gun-loving, Trump-voting Americans who objected to the gangs. Don't get me wrong–I love and side with gun-loving, Trump-voting Americans, they're my people–but the kind of American who would risk life for freedom is gone forever, and the "good" American of today is demoralized and lacks transcendental motivation. Satan's team is extremely motivated, more motivated than they've ever been in human history, they own every politician and every institution, and they will fight to the death. God's team is totally demotivated and won't even risk losing their job to avoid receiving a poison injection. Go on fantasizing that you'll use that ammo some day. They'll come rape your children and you'll discover that you just don't have it in you. The Final Worldwide Communist Victory will be bloodless.

    1. If what you say is true, then they weren't "God's People" to start with. I agree, the fighters WILL be a minority… maybe III%? Time will show us who's right….

    2. I think their is truth to this, but I also think that the population lacks motivation as long as they have heat, food and material comforts at a level never seen in history. If the electric grid goes out or if food stops making it to Safeway and Mickey D's, then the risk/reward ratio will flip and a higher percentage of ordinary people will band together to stop it. Starvation will be the catalyst that will cause men to find their balls again.

    3. I beg to differ, sir. "The kind of American who would risk life for freedom is gone forever". Not while I'm still here, young Johnny. And I am not the lone ranger either. Perhaps your pessimistic viewpoint is due to your location, or your 'diet' of propaganda is feeding your pessimism; but has been evidenced lately with the slow yet steady pushback from folks – this isn't over.
      And I don't believe the shit leading to defeat. There are places all over this country that are saying "hell, no". And if you think these ornery old fuckers are just going to slink away; you need a road trip out to America. I agree there's a lot of keyboard bravado, but the guys with gunracks in their pickups are way too busy with 'life' to spend much time typing shit out and posting. And if you think they're playing, that's a tragic mistake. The fuckers you don't read replying here are still out there, they read here but don't post. And they are pissed off. You underestimate and marginalize them, pretend they "won't" or whatever. Good, just adds to the surprise.
      Original Grandpa

  6. Zerohedge had an article earlier this week about wealth suburbs being targeted by thieves. Of course, since white poop libs are affected, now it's an issue. Anyway, I'm happy to see poop libs being attacked and robbed by their vibrant pets.

  7. @Aesop is exactly right. Conservatives are Law Abiding by nature. Been when the law disappears Conservatives will take matters into their own hands. Just like the Roof Top Koreans. By the way, the reason the Roof Top Koreans were never charger was California Penal Code 197.4. My local NorCal LE is betting this will be used and soon. I picked up my Carry Permit renewal last Friday. There's signage encouraging residents to get their permits and to get trained at the Sheriffs department. Inland and Northern California are very conservative, and very gun friendly. It's important to realize these smash and grabs and the out of control crimes occur in the Liberal strong holds. When they finally venture out things will get interesting.

  8. @XTphreak,
    Your best bet is a short 7.62 battle rifle with AP rounds. Most of that stuff you're bragging about is worthless to stop an automobile/truck. If another vehicle (jacked up armored Suburban, etc) tries to stop or run you off the road, you need to penetrate glass, doors and engines, stop f'king around with pistol cartridges, even the great dinosaur slayer .44 mag. And 5.56 isn't the cats meow either. The closer you can get to a .30 BAR, the better your survival rate.
    Playing around with these toy weapons is insane, but that's obviously where many of you reside anyway.

  9. Ah, didn’t take long for the Johnnys to show up. Nobody gonna do nothing, nobody done nothing…etc. well Johnny I don’t see you leading from the front. There will come the time for the “rise up”, but to be honest I haven’t seen the need. In my case and in my area the fact that I didn’t stay quarantined, didn’t wear a mask ever,aren’t getting vacced, with no push back and with the support of anyone that would be tasked with enforcing all of those things means it just isn’t time for the “rise up”. If it is in your area then I would suggest YOU get started and quit your whining. To be honest I suspect you’re an FBI/ Gov shill.

  10. I have to agree with Wyomarine. Kyle Rittenhouse did yeoman work with an AR with .223 loads (not even the higher pressure and velocity 5.56 loads) but it was against people with no armor. Against a vehicle the 5.56 does not do well nor does the 9mm or 45 pistol unless you are shooting high end/expensive bonded bullets – and nobody has put aside thousands of rounds of that high dollar ammo. A 7.62×51 battle rifle like a SCAR H, FN FAL or high quality AR (that over thousands of rounds has proven to actually function!) shooting regular military ball ammo will do much better in situations that involve vehicle and cover. The old saw is that 30 cal rifles turn cover into concealment. For penetration you can also go with heavy hardcast WFN loads for the 357, 44 mag, 45 Colt and 10mm. Obviously a 45/70 lever gun will do the job as will a 12 gauge with slugs. Or find an M1 garand and some GI 30/06 loads. 9mm pistol caliber carbines will be a poor excuse for a rifle when the SHTF.

  11. Posted before adding.

    Biggus I believe it was yamamoto that said behind every blade of grass, and that was around Dec. 7. 1941

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