The Crips gang meets BLM and Antifa. Guess who wins?

I was highly amused to be sent a link to this video clip by a friend in law enforcement in Los Angeles.  It allegedly shows an attempt by BLM and Antifa activists to spark a riot in Long Beach, California, a few days ago – in an area controlled by the Crips gang.  (Note their blue shirts, a hallmark of the gang.)

The Crips didn’t like that idea at all.  After all, how can they peddle drugs, control crime, and run the place if a riot breaks out?  They made their displeasure clear.  LANGUAGE ALERT – there are a lot of F-bombs going off.  Sensitive readers might want to turn off the sound.

I’d say that made it clear who’s boss of that hood, wouldn’t you?  White residents would never have been allowed to get away with that without screams of “Racism!” or “Oppression!”  Black gang-bangers . . . not so much.



  1. It reminds of animal rights activists. They'll throw paint on a socialite's fur coat, but not a biker's leather jacket!

  2. Exactly. The police are arresting anyone who opposes BLM or Antifa, and that is the only reason why they can get away with rioting. Since the gangs don't care about the police or getting sued, they are able to rrun the rioters off.

  3. +1 on both of the above… Note that BLM decided NOT to go to Placerville after the Hell's Angels and Mongols decided to have a truce to 'meet and greet' them.

  4. The cholo gangs in San Pedro did the same. They posted up on FB that NONE of that BS would be tolerated on their turf. Those guys DO NOT mess around. Crazy world where we feel safer with genuine gang bangers than "youthful protesters".


  5. Given a choice between the reconquista of the USA and hordes of enwords running wild, I'll take the former any day – or night – with or without a tequila, thank you! Grassy ass!

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