The discoverer of mRNA discusses COVID-19 vaccines


Dr. Robert W. Malone MD, the original “discoverer” of mRNA technology used in many of today’s COVID-19 vaccines, has been demonized by the medical establishment for objecting to the safety and utility of the latter.  He’s become an outspoken advocate, warning people of the dangers involved and arguing for a better, more appropriate approach to the entire issue.

He recently spoke with Neil Oliver of GB News (whom we’ve met in these pages before) about his background and concerns.  I highly recommend that you take the ten minutes required to listen to his comments.  You’ll be much better informed about the issues.  I’ve keyed the video clip to start at his interview, and you can listen to the comments of others after his segment finishes, if you wish.

Food for thought indeed.



  1. Thank you Peter for reposting this video. The character assassination being waged on Dr. Malone by Big Harma shills across the Internet is off the charts, but that is to be expected.

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