The election thieves are making civil war almost inevitable

Yet again, video evidence emerges that purports to show electoral fraud in operation in Georgia during ballot counting in Fulton County – the same county where an alleged “water leak” disrupted vote counting for some hours, only for it to emerge that there had been only a minor leak in a single toilet that had not disrupted anything (except for Republican Party vote monitors, who were sent home because of the “leak”).

This copy of the video is from One America News via YouTube, but it’s all over the Internet, so you can find one from a source more acceptable to you if that’s what you prefer.  (For the record, I find OAN just as biased and one-sided in its presentation, from a right-wing perspective, as CNN, MSNBC and others are from a left-wing perspective.  I’m not a fan of any of them.  How I wish there was some outlet, somewhere, that would present “just the facts” and leave viewers to make up their own minds!  Yeah, yeah, I know . . . that’s a pipe-dream.  Nowadays, may as well call it an opium pipe dream.)

That video has been met with a deafening silence by almost every mainstream media outlet, and by almost all left-wing politicians.  That’s as damning, in its own way, as if they’d jumped up and down and screamed that we should refuse to believe the evidence of our own eyes.  To them, silence means “it didn’t happen”.  If they don’t acknowledge an incident, it’s simply not part of the problem.  That’s living a lie, plain and simple.

Those who insist that “no court has ruled on any of Trump’s evidence” ignore that reality.  Assuming this video shows what it purports to portray – suitcases being taken out from beneath a table, in an official voting center, after other workers and independent observers had been sent home, then it is, in itself, convincing evidence of electoral fraud.  There is no reasonable explanation whatsoever for why that should happen.  Such unexplained suitcases simply should not be there.  Go on, produce another explanation for them.  I’d like to hear it.

This is why the results – or, rather, the alleged results – of the 2020 Presidential election cannot be allowed to stand.  If we tolerate this sort of criminal conduct, we are effectively tolerating the collapse of our constitutional republic.  If the progressive left can get away with this, there will never be another free and fair election in America – because they’ll carry on in the same way from now until forever.  It really is a case of now or never:  stop them now, or accept that they’ll never be stopped, and the rest of us might as well roll over and play dead.

I will not do that.  Nor will a great many other Americans – no matter what the cost may be.  We are not fooled, and we will not submit.  For your enlightenment, a selection from among many articles out there (some a lot more extreme than these):

I’ll let the last two links above sum it up.  From the second-last link:

I believe myself and others who have voiced their opinions are ready to make their stand. We are at a moment in time where everything is on the line. For the whole world, not just us … The communist are making their play for the country and it’s going to be up to us normal folks to do something about it.

. . .

This corruption throughout our country must be eliminated, right down to the very smallest of local levels. It’s not going to be pretty. Millions of gallons of blood must run the streets. Once this starts, it is going to be messy like nothing you’ve never seen. Best harden your hearts and get your mind wrapped around that. Do not even think of shedding a tear for them. They are enemies of our Republic and they hate everything that we cherish and stand for. We tried doing things the right way. We have exhausted all our options. The cartridge box is all that is left now.

And from the last link above:

Think Three Stooges pie fight.

With land mines.

In a gasoline refinery.

And it isn’t about who gets elected.

It’s about whether elections matter at all, or not.

It’s about whether the republic stands, or falls.

It isn’t Trumpistas against Never-Trumpers.

It’s not going to be Democrats vs. Republicans.

It’s going to be constitutional republicans vs. banana republicans.

And they won’t be Goldwater republicans.

They’re going to be LeMay republicans.

The Democrat communist Left (but I repeat myself) is running their locomotive full steam in the red zone, right at the bridge over that chasm, to get the coup they’ve huffed and puffed and salivated for, since 2015 (if not 1933, or 1912).

And that bridge they’re counting on getting over? 

Not there.

Everything that happens after that last inch is crossed is simply gravity, working.


That gets it said.

I don’t want that.  I’ve seen it in other countries, and the prospect of it happening here is terrifying . . . but the sheer scale of the blatant electoral fraud that confronts us, and the determination of the progressive left to defy our laws and our constitution and seize power at any cost, have rendered our preferences moot.

This theft of our constitutional republic cannot – I say again, CANNOT – be allowed to stand.

I’ll let Winston Churchill and Gandalf share the last word.

“If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed;  if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

“Never give in — never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”

“What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone?”

May God grant, while there is still time to prevent it, that this does not come to pass.



  1. @McChuck: I'm getting very tired of your snide, stupid comments. Either say something intelligent, or shut up and go away. You've made yourself into a caricature in the blogosphere. You can't kill everyone who disagrees with you; you can't use violence as a solution to every problem; and you can't quote platitudes and fictional nostrums as a solution to real-world problems. Enough, already!

  2. I keep saying it in parallel with you, Peter: I don't want this. And while I have not had your personal experience, I instinctively understand what "spicy time" actually means – and that's assuming no outside actor gets involved. EMP from a freighter, anyone, while we're distracted amongst ourselves?

    You correctly state that there is no innocent explanation for the suitcases full of ballots. Yet all over the internet there are people saying "I see no fraud here" and "Prove those ballots were fake / for Biden".

    On several of my posts I've cited the "Devil's Speech":

    A Man for All Seasons – The Devil Speech

    To GET TRUMP they are willing to "cut down every law and standard" in America.

    As I just posted somewhere else… when you raze the Rule of Law, when you shred the Constitution even as you praise it, when you corrupt the political process utterly, and spit on good and decent people – they will finally understand that there is no benefit in dealing with honor with you. And act accordingly.

    This is a horrific crossroads where we see ourselves. And if you'll permit the shameless self-promotion, I fear my grim foreboding may well come to pass:

    Quick Take: A Grim Sense of Foreboding

  3. Peter. I'm sorry if I sound like a defeatist, old broken record. I don't believe there will be a civil war. Half the police, the National Guard, the military will not break right, putting the Constitution over orders from the leadership. This means it's not Patriots vs. the Left, but Patriots vs. the Left plus the State.

    An effective insurgency needs organization and coordination. All movements capable of providing these, from Oath Keepers to Proud Boys, are crawling with government moles. Might as well advertise your moves on billboards in advance. And then there is the unprecedented electronic surveillance using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

    That leaves lone wolves. We might see one or two successful assassinations, but the likely targets are too well protected and insulated. Instead I (sadly) predict there will be not one or two but a dozen Timothy McVeighs (the Oklahoma City bombing). With most of the victims being ordinary citizens unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    My guess is, the new Administration will announce extremely onerous gun control measures, gauge the reaction, then pull back so that the red states can continue honoring the 2nd amendment. This "win" alone will placate many conservatives.

    They will keep slow boiling the frog. You're in Texas, many Texans will feel they can carry on with their way of life and hope for sanity to return in the rest of the country.

    But it won't. The communists (I am calling the entire Left communists, even if they are not all card-carrying Marxists themselves) will keep chipping away our freedoms. Economic devastation will ensue, because communists do not understand basic principles of economics.

    Eventually we will be Venezuela. Wheelbarrows full of "money" won't be enough to pay their enforcers. Then, and only then, will the real turnaround begin. But that's years, probably decades, in the future. "There is a lot of ruin in a nation."

  4. Everyone is hoping for a miracle, but preparing for a disaster.

    I think Trump will try every legal solution and reveal more corruption arrayed against the public before he crosses the Rubicon. After that I have no idea what happens. No President has had such a choice since Lincoln.

    I sometimes pause from my job, my daily tasks and ask "Does it matter any more if I write another line of code or generate yet another report?" I don't know.

    I feel like I've done enough. I've served, I've voted, I paid taxes, I've served on juries, I've participated in community service, I've helped those that need it, I've donated gallons of blood, I've fought crime, I've fought corruption including that in this election and I've prayed.

    But I don't want to go to war again. Especially not this one. But like many, I swore an oath to defend the Republic against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  5. Historically no rebellion has ever succeeded with our backing from an outside state supporter. Lack of leadership and supplies and or Betrayal destroyed them.

    Even the American Revolution was mostly a bunch of hit and run, tar and feather thuggery against tax collectors until the French brought in support in the form of guns, powder, General Lafayette AND the noted French Powder Maker Dupont (*Still Here eh?). We were used as a proxy war against the British. And even then the British CAME BACK in 1812 to try again….

    The leftists have the Chinese-Deep State backing AKA the Swamp Inc.

    However we can keep it interesting for them for years, maybe decades until the Failures of Socialism-Communism creates the chance to rebuild our country. I pray we retain our Constitution and the bible in this rebuild.

  6. It appears as if people are just now getting the idea that their vote doesn't matter, or there is fraud in elections.

    Hah! When I reached that conclusion nine or ten years ago, I just quit voting. BFYTW. My vote, I was convinced, DID NOT COUNT.

    Ultimately, the fed-gov is a fraud. It is built on lies. It lives on lies. The two political parties defraud us constantly, so their members can assume office and can then steal our stuff.

    The only reasonable response to all this fraud is to exercise our freedom of association, and leave. SECESSION IS THE ANSWER.

  7. @milton f

    Voting mattered in 2016 as well as 2020. I could explain why, but you would have join us at the adult table and stop running around the playground screaming nonsense about c-sections.

  8. There is a reason why our esteemed host is a professional writer, and I am not. (I didn't even sleep at a Holiday Inn Express.) I am much, much too terse. I also see the value of short, repeatable slogans ("memes") that carry the truth with them.

    I do not prescribe, I predict. That is the horror of a lifetime spent in the intelligence field. I see bad times coming, and wish to mentally and emotionally prepare my people to not merely survive but to win. We have been losing ground for generations because we have chosen not to fight. We have given up hill after hill on the cultural battleground to "maintain civility", until we are standing atop the last dune before the sea. We will not survive by being passive. We will not defend our culture and our nation by remaining civil.

    If the Democrats blatantly invalidating a Presidential election and gloating about what they're going to do to us all isn't worth fighting over, then nothing ever will be.

    My life, my fortune, my sacred honor. These I pledged in my nation's defense against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. Duty and honor demand that I fulfill my oath. I can do no other.

    I leave you with the words of Patrick Henry, an orator much greater than me.
    “The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

  9. I agree with you, McChuck.
    I swore the oath as well. I am not ready. I don't think even the folks "think" they are ready, really are. None of us are.
    But, eventually every true citizen of the USA, is going to "See the Elephant", as they said after the War of Northern Aggression.

  10. A factor I don't see often mentioned in this debate is Executive Order 13848 from Sept. 2018. That document, taken in light of Pres. Trump's recent speech on 12/02, makes obvious I think that there is an option available to the Trump administration that is much less damaging to the country and far short of the Insurrection Act or civil war.

    The question you need to answer to determine how and to what extent that EO applies is, who owns the Dominion election hardware and software? If any part of that answer should prove to be a non-US institution or individual, the President has an extensive and wide-ranging set of options with which to respond, all of which can be arguably described as a law enforcement action and not a military response.

    Everyone keeps expecting some dramatic moment of ultimate challenge; we're talking government bureaucracy here, the slow, unsteady drip, drip … drip of implacable lethargy is the more usual methodology.

  11. @Chris Nelson

    In the past elections you refer to someone won and someone lost, someone assumed office and someone didn't.

    Now that we are all seated at the "adult table", are you going to tell us that the folks who assumed office were the actual preferred choice of We the People? and that the choices offered in the various primaries were the voice of the people?

    Tell us again how there was no fraud in the previous elections. Explain all the dead people votes and how that has NO INFLUENCE on the actual votes of live humans.

    Your "vote" counts only to lend credibility to the evil actions of the leviathon that has attempted to destroy every individual right possessed by we the people.

    You are excused.

  12. @milton f

    There's always been fraud and corruption in elections. Being in Texas we understand that since LBJ cheated his way into power in 1960 with the help of dead people. And Kennedy was elected by the Chicago machine, which also helped the Clintons cover their tracks. That's why I help investigate issues locally and raise hell.

    2016 revealed the corruption in all it's glory. The establishment cheated in that election, but they weren't prepared for the amount of FUs that the voters were sending by voting for Trump. And the people won. No thanks to quitters like you.

    And 10s of millions of people were red-pilled by the revelations as the establishment went mad. And Trump accomplished more for the people while being handicapped by the system than the last 5 president combined.

    If you didn't vote, what did you accomplish? Did you at least fight or investigate the corruption? Have you ever done anything positive civically? Besides quit?

    Ever go down to city hall and call out the mayor for conflict of interest? (Made him resign his job and there was a new state law enacted.) Ever get a public utility to back down and do the right thing? (I have.) Ever actually investigate election fraud and help get convictions? (We have and will.) Ever put your life on the line? (I have and I probably will in the near future)

    We lost a local election with millions of bond dollars on the line (with no apparent fraud) by 13 votes due to people that were either to lazy to vote or too stupid to vote because "their votes don't matter". Thanks to surrender monkeys like you, my taxes went up yet again.

    The system was taken over and corrupted because people like you don't vote and didn't get involved. You gave up years ago. I have more respect for my evil opponents than I do a quitter. At least they vote. Sometimes more than once. And they can be held in check most of the time if enough good people gave a shit.

    Plus talking about secession like it will ever be allowed to happen is foolish. It's too late for that type of nonsense. So don't tell us that have been battling this legally what to do when you quit years ago. We understand history and can see the elephant coming…

    So when the dancing gets spicy are you going to quit again?

  13. I was always taught, that you had to vote, in order to earn the right to complain about the election results.
    If you didn't vote, you had to keep your trap shut.

  14. @Chris Nelson

    According to USA Today, nearly 150 million people cast a ballot in 2020. That out of about 330 million in the U.S.

    And according to the Canadian Power Trio, Rush, when one chooses not to decide, they still have made a choice.

    The choice that I made, and 180 millions of people agree with me, is that none of the above is the winner.

    I don't care that you wasted your vote. I don't care about all the really nice stuff that you did. I don't care to share my plans regarding liberty. I don't like being called names. I will say that I was professionally trained in the Marines, I am old, crotchety, jealously respect and protect your and my God given rights and believe that the only reason for the union of the states to continue is IF they protected those God given rights.



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