The electoral fraud of November 2020 is blowing up in the Democratic Party’s face


The consequences of recent revelations and disclosures are likely to be extremely serious.  If they reveal what it looks like they’re going to reveal, the legitimacy of the Biden administration will be fatally undermined.  The question then will be whether the American people are prepared to tolerate the situation, or whether they’ll have the moxie to demand that those who stole power surrender it – or else.

First, consider the astonishing revelations over the past few days from two critically important counties, Maricopa in Arizona, Fulton in Georgia.  In each case, they affect enough votes to potentially overturn the election results in those states.  I’ll let you read the details for yourselves.

In each case, we’re talking about tens of thousands of votes that are missing, or that should be disqualified because their provenance and legitimacy cannot be proved.  There are other cases around the country (for example, Antrim County, Michigan) that offer further evidence of shenanigans that may affect election results in the states concerned.

Sundance, writing at The Conservative Treehouse, sees matters building to a head over the issue of electoral fraud.  Bold, underlined text is my emphasis.

The next war will not come from foreign soil, it is about to happen based on a great awakening in the heavily corrupt and manipulated voting system in the United States.  The battle is about to happen right here on our soil.

BIG PICTURE – United States Attorney General Merrick Garland is pre-positioning assets from the DOJ and FBI [LINK].  Simultaneous to this, the U.S. military leadership is purging patriots and putting all service members under surveillance [LINK].  These two factual events are directly related.

In the background of these maneuvers Big Tech and Corporate Media have been instructed to push the “domestic extremist” narrative; and any truth-tellers are considered subversive and against the interests of the U.S. government.  The January 6th DC protest is being used as evidence for that narrative.  Deplatforming, censorship and ultimately control of voices who would warn of the larger issues continues daily.

Let me be very clear… stop and hear the drums… Something is about to happen.

POINT ONE – Even before the November 2020 election there were groups of patriots who knew mail-in ballots were a tool toward an objective, the 2020 Presidential election.  Anyone with a lick of common sense, and the vast majority of readers right here on this website, knew that deployment of mail-in ballots was going to be the largest unknown variable in the 2020 election.  The DC-based apparatus was all-in.  This was the big one.

POINT TWO – There is data, massive publicly available geolocation data, available for purchase.  As you know data is the currency of the Deep State (U.S. Intel Community); however, insofar as the intel community uses federal authority to control data (at taxpayer expense), there is also a massive amount of data in the hands of private groups and individuals that can be legally purchased.

. . .

♦ Put the two points above together and citizen led patriot groups have purchased big data to analyze the 2020 election.  These projects, and there are several, have been ongoing for quite a while.   As you know from our own crowdsourcing research in the past, you can easily tear apart large stories by focusing on the granular evidence that is available in the public sphere.

The results of that crowdsourcing research is incredibly accurate because it is not based on supposition, it is based on empirical data points.  Photographs, maps, camera shots, CCTV images, spatial and time patterns, geolocation, flight patterns, airline tracking and even star patterns at night have been used by hobbyist puzzle-solvers and citizen researchers to crowdsource information of interest.

. . .

Soon these types of very specific data-maps will be cross referenced in key precincts and added to any resulting audit outcomes.  The cell phone travel of these organized groups creates a map of their activity.  Keep in mind many of ballot collection sites have CCTV systems; some CCTV operations were actually mandated by legislation that authorized the collection drop-off locations.  It is not coincidental that public records requests for those CCTV recordings are being met with hostile denials and efforts to stall production.

The bottom line is this….  AG Merrick Garland knows a powder keg is very likely to explode as soon as the majority of American people discover just how manipulated the election of 2020 was.  His announcement to double the staff of the DOJ Civil Rights Division voter unit is not to protect election integrity, but rather to position his resources for a war against a looming storm of election review outcomes…. and the White House is so far exposed, they are positioning to use the military to protect their position.

The deep and irrefutable research has been taking place, mostly very quietly, in the background.  I would expect the government response to this will be a combination of the DOJ/FBI “domestic extremist” narratives, combined with racism accusations and claims of election disinformation.

The Alinsky model: Isolate, Ridicule and Marginalize your political opposition, in combination with the use of arrests and threats by the justice department.

There’s more at the link.

We’re certainly seeing determined efforts by the Department of Justice to paint “extremists” and “white nationalists” and “domestic terrorists” as a major threat to the United States, particularly as regards the January 6 demonstrations in Washington DC.  However, there’s an awful lot of smoke being blown around, but very little fire behind it.  Hard evidence appears to be conspicuous by its absence.  It’s propaganda all the way down.

What’s more, the narrative that the January 6 demonstrations were a major threat to democracy is so much hooey.  Video footage shows very clearly that the demonstrators were not armed, and Capitol police let them into the building with no violence at all.  Even worse, recent evidence suggests that Government agents may have helped organize the January 6 demonstration.  I’ll let Tucker Carlson summarize that.  (If you’d prefer to read his words rather than listen to them, you’ll find a partial – but not complete – transcript at the link above.  I do, however, strongly suggest listening to the report below.  It’s pretty explosive, and worth your time.)

EDITED TO ADD:  The video has already been taken down from YouTube – no surprise there, as Big Tech is solidly in the camp of the Biden administration.  You can still see much of it on Fox News at this link;  start at about 5m. 15sec. and watch until the end.

Notice, too, how the mainstream media and Big Tech are ignoring all these developments – more than that, they’re actively portraying those who are spearheading these investigations, and those who are supporting them, as threats to democracy.  When the progressive left and its Big Tech and media lackeys are in lockstep condemning anything or anyone, we can be pretty sure that there’s plenty of fire behind the smoke they’re decrying.

Keep your powder dry, folks.  The November 2020 election fiasco is far from over, and its repercussions are nowhere near done yet.



  1. Because the Big Media will not publicize the election "Irrgularities" most people won't know about it, or believe those of us who wish to show them the truth. Threfore there will be no demand for any fix nor punishment for those who perpetrated the fraud.

    The press and the DOJ are just tools of the DNC folks.

    In other words, they will get away with it.

    "A republic, if you can keep it".

  2. Agree with B here. IF the election fraud situation becomes "Dangerous" to the Coup they will Arrange a Serious Incident as a Massive Distractor.

    Maybe a little war, a massive terrorist attack, maybe massive street violence from their street army's AKA Antifa and Burn Loot Murder over some "Police Brutality" or such… WHILE the Police PROTECT the rioters from any "White Supremist" threats…

    Mostly "Peaceful" Flaming Protest rides again by CNN…


    Poly Cyber 2021 goes LIVE July 6th. "Wargaming" massive world wide cyber attacks against the Global Supply Systems. Done by the same FINE Folks. the World Economic Forum that "War-gamed " in 2020 Poly Cyber ah Ransomware attacks on infrastructure… AND "War-gamed" Event 201 a Global Pandemic shortly before COVID 19 leaked out of China.

    As that Chinese Curse goes "May you live in Interesting Times".

    A Republic dies to Chaos, to a series of Dictatorships, does it matter who's Boot is on your Face?

    The "Big People" care not a whit for the suffering of the "little People".

    A storm is coming, NO a Hurricane is coming get ready for here it comes.

  3. We will not scandal our way out of ClownWorld.

    We will not vote our way out of ClownWorld.

    We might be able to shoot our way out of ClownWorld.

    That's really all you need to know, at this point.

  4. Looks like Foxnooz is blocking traffic coming from your blog. If I copypasta the link into the url bar, it works; when I try to click through, "access denied".

  5. I was able to click the link to get to the site.

    As far as the FBI, and the DOJ in general, they've lost all credibility with pretty much anyone not invested in the DNC/Deep State. At this point I would advise anyone still working for the feds to get out before someone decides they're all a threat to the republic and legitimate targets.

  6. From the Census as of 2018: There were 15.2 million hunting license holders in the United States.

    That means there are at least 15.2 million high-powered rifles (most with scopes} owned by at least 15.2 experienced snipers that know how to stalk their prey, use camouflage and cover effectively, can exist in the wilds with ease, and can wait patiently and silently for hours for their prey.

    There are many more gunowners that don't hunt, but shoot for pleasure. How many no one knows for certain, but they must number in the millions also.

    There are over seventy million (70,000,000) genuine Americans that voted for Trump. Trump's voters didn't include dead people, illegal aliens or faked mail-in ballots. Trumps voters were real, live Americans, the kind of Americans that have all those high-powered rifles and still wave the American flag with pride. They are generally law-abiding men and women that are very hard to anger and take action. But ask the Japanese what happens when this sleeping giant rises.

    Does Antifa or BLM actually believe they have the upper hand? Amusing.

    Does the present administration believe the military can take care of things? How many of the present military can this administration trust?

    Trying to use the FBI and the CIA as an effective counter measure in a national uprising? Please.

    Anyone who believes that when the lid blows off these many millions won't be heard from are smoking funny cigarettes.

    In case you're wondering those 2018 numbers have held…. and increased.

    We are about to live in truly interesting times. Be prepared.

  7. This week, I topped off my gas tank and made a 'last run' to the grocery store, just in case. Even if it doesn't happen until later, it is good practice.

  8. What is a 'fait accompli'? I'll take Other Fantasies About The 2020 Election That Will Never Happen for $1,000 please, Alex.

  9. To quote a certain harridan, "what difference, at this point, does it make?" Until I see perps going to jail, and Xiden bounced out of DC, it wont matter…

  10. I suspect that if anyone has logistics, medical, and bad attitude dialed in, it’s Aesop. 😆

  11. Grouch MD 3 identical comments friend?

    Aesop is indeed better prepared for the spicy times than most of us. However it's the OTHER 69 million probable shooters I am concerned about.

    As an History Buff that has walked the history of the Spanish Civil War (amazing country, wonderful people) as well as provided medical care in Bosnia I am less sure that We are ready for destruction in such a scale.

    Their buildings were mostly stone and poured steel reinforced concrete, OURS is 2X4 wood and glass mostly even with the Concrete Block Box Stores being very fragile vs small arms fire. The fire hazards will outpace any ability to stop them once EMS-Fire Dept. has closed up shop.

    What would YOUR Preps situation be like IF your Home was ablaze?

    The fratricide of our own folks shooting up our own folks as they have NO Way to ID each other. Goodness while I was serving in the Sandbox most of our casualties came from "Friendly Fire".

    The difference of wounds from low velocity shell fragments, pistol rounds and even AK ammo and such are FAR easier to treat compared to the High Velocity 2300 FPS AR style rounds. Shattering is my best description.

    In my MASH unit we treated them enough to ship them out to Trauma Centers.

    Do you expect that the PTB will not order Hospitals to turn over suspicious wounded people as probable terrorists?

    Loss of the grid wither from damage or the Powers that Be deciding that riotous area need NO Electricity will shut down Hospitals, SEWAGE Systems (WELCOME Medieval Human waste Diseases, Cholera anybody?) and most medically vulnerable folks like Diabetics (10% of population, just looked it up) elderly requiring O2 support and such.

    Hell IS coming for breakfast, do you have YOUR medical and Field Sanitation ready for it?

  12. Biden won in the biggest election victory evah. That's what '
    they' say.
    They wouldn't lie to little ole sheep.

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