The “fake news” people are getting desperate, aren’t they?

Just in the last 24 hours:

  • The US ambassador to Panama was claimed to have resigned because of President Trump’s alleged “third-world s***holes” comment.  Unfortunately, that’s not true.  He resigned two weeks before that;  and his resignation was announced about 24 hours before the President allegedly made the comment.
  • A porn star was alleged to have been “paid off” by the Trump campaign, to the tune of $130,000, to keep silent about an alleged “affair” or “sexual encounter” with Trump the year after he married his present wife.  That’s not true either.  The porn star concerned has issued, in writing, a vehement denial that anything of the sort ever took place – affair, sexual encounter, or payoff.

One wonders why the mainstream media appear to have gone into meltdown, and why the “fake news” people are getting so desperate for material.  Could it be they’re terrified of the real reasons behind the tapping of then-candidate Trump’s communications, and the truth behind the so-called “Trump dossier”, getting out at last?  Are they trying to find anything that might distract attention from what’s increasingly looking like meeting the definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors” – if not actual high treason – on the part of some FBI and other Obama administration officials?

Makes you think, doesn’t it?



  1. At this point I kinds doubt the Democrat establishment gives a shit about Obama. He looked like a good idea, but then blundered around for eight years (they think they could have done better). I think what concerns them is that they basically threw out the likely choice of the Democrat rank and file to nominate one of their own. That might have gone down ok if the insider they hand picked had WON. She didn't. And if they don't look sharp there's likely to be a bill come due at the 202 Democrat convention. They're looking at the way the Republican establishment has had to conform to Trump (and what it's costing them when they don't) and they have the leaping fantods. Why, if the rank and file get restive, they might actually have to find semi-honest WORK.

  2. I was a senior investigator for a Fed agency, NLRB, for 25 years. In the mid-1980s, I was working on a case involving a guard agency at a Federal building. The company told me that the FBI had info that would exonerate them. I interviewed the head of the local FBI office and two other agents, after getting key evidence from computer records. All three of them lied to my face, even after I showed them the printouts. I pointed out the records, and they just laughed. I later discovered that the SAIC was a hunting/fishing buddy of the company owner. I have had zero respect for the FBI since then.

  3. It is so bad that the porn star story is a rehash of a discredited story from 2015/16, with the exact same verbage: Porn Star, Pay-off, etc. And it got shot down almost immediately back then.

    It is one of the reasons the actress got so vehement with her rebuttal. Not the first time she had to do this.

    Something about being deep in your enemies' heads. Trump is winning bigly if this is what they have to manufacture against him. Yugely in their brain-space. Ha ha.

  4. "The porn star concerned has issued, in writing, a vehement denial that anything of the sort ever took place – affair, sexual encounter, or payoff."

    As far as I am concerned, Trump could pull out a gun and shoot somebody on 5th avenue. I don't care if he buys the time of hookers. It's an unlikely story about a man who can select top quality females like Melania.

    That said, I don't give much credence to the word, written or otherwise of a porn 'star'.

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